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Where to hang the weights from?

Where to hang the weights from?

Hi, I’ve been doing some of the suggested beginner PE routines and would like to move up using my hanger now. The only problem is I’m at a loss as to how to rig up the weight. Do I tie a string through a 2 1/2 pound plate and string it up to the metal hook attached to my hanger? If more experienced hangers could give me tips on this I’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I use a crappy old belt that is way too small for me. That way it hold fairly well. A Good Will will have one really cheap or a flea market. I am no boy scout so I can barely tie my shoes let alone hope not for a weight to smack my foot or ankle is beyong my means.

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>Do I tie a string through a 2 1/2 pound plate and string it up to the metal hook attached to my hanger? <

I use the method suggested by Tom Hubbard. Look at the photos here: - bad link Penis Workshop

The loop of string is tied through a washer, and the string is sent through the hole in the plates. The washer stops them falling on your foot and the loop goes on the hook. The advantage is that the weights are horizontal, so you don’t need to sit in a high chair to hang.


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