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BIB ...need feedback>Shorter times+Heavy weight or, Longer time+lower weights?

BIB ...need feedback>Shorter times+Heavy weight or, Longer time+lower weights?

I’m debating over something here. Would it be better for me to carry on as I am and, hang the most weight I can comfortably for as many sets as I can per day… in 17.5lbs for 12 sets of 15 to 20 minutes? OR, would it be better and more effective to hang with lower weights like 10lbs or somewhat less for longer sets? I know that when I hang lower weight I can hang for longer per set but, is there any point to that? Or am I better off just keeping the sets at the 15-20 minute range with the higher weights that give more fatigue in a shorter time frame?


From what I’ve seen in your other posts, it sounds like what you’re currently doing is giving you great gains.

Obviously, I’m not Bib but my understanding is that you want to hang as heavy as you comfortably can. Decrease the weight only as necessary due to actual fatigue. Once you’ve reached total fatigue (50% max) for the day, if you still have time available for hanging, switch your target angle from BTC to SO or OTS and work on that until you run out of time.

The 20 minute limit has more to do with circulation/avoiding tissue death than lighter versus heavier weights. So there’s no real getting around that.

I’m sure Bib will chime in with better advice, but that’s my two cents.


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MX was right on the money! The 20 minute time was arrived at to prevent tissue damage due to lack of circulation. Hanging with the most weight that you can comfortably hang and then decreasing weight in order to maintain comfort is Bib’s recommended method and is the method that I have used to gain 3 inches.

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The guys above are right on the money. That is what I did, and what I would recommend. Get to fatigue, then continue to hang at lighter and lighter weights.


Ok, great! Thanks for the feedback!

SWM, I’ve just started hanging more hours per day. Upto one set less than three hours worth (i.e., 8 * 20 min sets) now, but I’m not quite sure when exactly I’ve hit fatigue. What signs should I look for? Also, how many sets does it typically take you at your max weight to hit fatigue?


SWM see above dude… Cheers :)


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