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What works what, Can anyone help me?

What works what, Can anyone help me?

I am curious to find out each different hanging angle targets. Like Ive heard that BTC works the ligs, but which lig specifically Fundamental or the Suspendatory Lig. So basically I would like to know what each of these angles work specifically. I appreciate it if you can help me out.



SD (I believe that it works and different lig then BTC)



Another question does hanging only affect;

ligs, tunica, skin, and increased veinage, also widening of base.

Or are there other things that it affects



Try Google. Look up as many diagrams of the penile anatomy as you can find. Its free, you will learn something, and you may be able to contribute what you learn to the forum.


"Debate the idea..."

I think Id rather just give up, and hang every angle anyway

The master hanger here is Bib. He’s posted the most knowledgeable information about the subject. If you use the search feature (button, top right of every page), you can probably find many of his posts that cover the topics you’re asking about. Use each acronym as the search term (such as OTS) and “Bib” as the “User Name” (on the right side of the window). Selecting “Find Threads Started by User” (drop down menu under the “User Name”) might bring threads started by Bib explaining the terms rather than those in which he posted which were started by others.

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