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What happened to RSDT??

What happened to RSDT??

I have recently decided to start using a fulcrum with my hanging to try and tackle the “steel cord” but my research on past posts lead me to a technique Bib was pushing a few years ago. It was basically a rice sock covered in duct tape to make it solid and this was placed underneath the penis between the hanger and the body which created a fulcrum. The idea seemed good, reminds me of Mem’s rapid gain mechanism but using a hanger. If you search for it, not a lot comes up and its all pretty much covered in a few pages on a few threads.

So what happened to it? Did nobody have any noticeable success? I am trying it as we speak and apart from being a little comfortable, I see potential in it. I am struggling to adjust my balls so that they’re not crushed or twisted in any way but I figure with time I can find a comfortable position. I think with a vac hanger it would be easier but I want to stick with my bib so may have to reduce the size of the rice sock.

Did I miss something though- was it dismissed as dangerous or uneffective??

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Funny as I was just reading that post a couple days ago, I see it being a huge value in terms of the continuation of heat while your hanging, sure can’t hurt in terms of what we know. I find that the heat actually reduces the uncomfortableness of the stresses placed on my shaft. I also did one other thing and that is the run a dowel rod (About 2’ in length) through the center so it can rest on my thighs. This will avoid the ball crushing scenario your describing.

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Lift your balls over the fulcrum so that they rest over the fulcrum without stress at all.

I think most people don’t stick to it enough time and/or are not getting the hanger tilt to get double fulcrum effect. Without double fulcrum, it’s just regular fulcrum.

I’m doing it but have a little problem because it needs to be correct shape to work like it should.. It needs to made little bigger almost every week and sometimes it’s just hard to get the shape correct for your penis.

The idea here is to stretch your septum with the RSDT and when you reach fatigue, you should stretch your other tissues with SO or OTS.

I don’t think that doing just RSDT is going to show much gains.

Thanks for the replies guys, I also just noticed that the old RSDT thread has been revived so maybe I’ll just add my thoughts to that in the future.

I definitly agree that only doing RSDT won’t give much added benefit, I think for now I’ll attempt to get the shape right and continue to do OTS. Maybe 25 mins RSDT and 25 OTS. I’ll double it up at the weekend. Its so hard to get the hours in!

-The Only Way to Lose is to Fail to Try-

01/02/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 18.5cm / BPFSL 20.3cm / Girth12.5cm - 10 minute pump, 20 jelqs, 5 minute pump 20 jelqs ~2.5-3hg 1 on 2 off.

01/09/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 19cm / BPFSL 20.5cm / Girth12.7cm / BPELIP 19.2cm

Rice sock worked for many, and everything in this thread is beneficial and all good posts. Heat, continuously. Using a dowel (or small pipe) sometimes to really increase the load, and getting the RSDT the right size really matter. And more than anything, definitely do other angles too. I made that big mistake too many times by only doing the fulcrum.

Why do you say that Tweaking? Have you tried RSDT with fulcrum extensions? How long did you try it? Day? Week? Year?

When I started RSDT, I felt it on the top aka septum. Now I feel it in the dorsal thickening area. So this means to me that the “steel” cord has been stretched.

There’s no steel on your penis. Your “steel” cord will lengthen when you stretch it with a enough force.

I don’t think you realise the intensity of the RSDT. I can do 20lbs OTS/BTC easier than 5lbs RSDT.

I want to add that I need to make the fulcrum just a little bit bigger every week/two weeks to feel good stretch.

I’ll give you a play through of how gnarly my cord was. I didn’t just do RSDT with heavy weight, I did heavy weight WITH the hanger extensions who bib himself did not go over 11 lbs apparently, I was doing 18 no problem if I remember correctly. With a regular hanger I was going over a fulcrum with 22. Did not gain at all, and never got that sore. I tried doing many sets of lighter weight, many sets of heavy weight, nothing. What tweaking speaks of is an unfortunate phenomenon, and I think the only way to beat it is a de-conditioning break and starting back with LOW weights. Hopefully this time I will gain despite not feeling a damn thing of soreness ever, besides at the attachment point from weight bearing down on me for hours. It’s real!


Do doubt that your cord is stronger than mine. You have so much more girth. My penis would probably snap off if I would do 18lbs with the RSDT.

Have you tried doing different kind of fulcrums? Like something that is more tall but not as deep, so there would be more bend. You can try longer extensions too.

When I started RSDT I was doing 3x20minx10lbs with no problems.. then I though something is wrong and totally rebuild my fulcrum. After that I could not do more than 5lbs for 10mins.

Also make sure that your penis is not just coming down and then over the fulcrum. That’s why the thing needs to be tall enough to work.

I don’t want to sound disrespectful but looking at your thread in bib forum, looks like you never got the RSDT right or not even the hanger settings. Maybe you just did not post the new setup there? You have not posted in a bib’s forum for a long time. Again, I don’t want to start a argue but reading at your thread, it looks like you never got it to work right.

Also, how many sets per day and for how long did you do? Did you do it every, be honest?

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

No you aren’t being disrespectful dude, I probably didn’t! I definitely need a taller one.

However, I have even tried placing a pvc pipe over my thighs and draping it over that. It doesn’t get much higher/more intense than that, and even that did not seem to work.

Sometimes it’s just hard to get the shape right. I wish we would have more hangers who would do RSDT so we could get more discussion going.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

There actually is a lot in his forum. If you made it tall enough to get 6 lbs or whatever you said to work, I think you did it right. Just remember after time from weight bearing down, you will have to raise it again.

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