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Weight String "management"

Weight String "management"

Its easy to hang standing up, but how do you guys deal with the weights while sitting down? Ie: if you sit in a recliner/chair/sofa do you just let the string/wire cut into the edge as it hangs over the “corner” towards the floor? Doesn’t that friction reduce the effective weight? I’d also rather not have to explain a groove worn in the edge of the wood chair at the computer desk.

Just wanted to hear some of the methods being used. Thanks.

Fold a magazine, a nice thick one like National Geographic, over the edge of the chair to protect it. As far as weight effectiveness is concerned, as long as you are getting a good stretch, it shouldn’t really matter.

lil1 :sun:

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When I hang sitting down, I scoot my ass up to the edge so that my dick hangs straight down, but I am still sitting on the edge of the chair. this can make your tailbone a little sore if you don’t have a cushy edge to the chair, but I do. Also, you can then scoot a little more and have your ass almost all the way off the chair and then hang BTC.

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