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Vacu Hanger

Vacu Hanger

When measuring to order your Vacu-Hanger from When it asks you to measure the bigger circumference part from the last Inch of your member. Is that erect or Flacid?

And also, Does anyone know a way to order that stuff from a credit card? Or is it only straight from your bank account? If anyone knows other websites I can order the same thing from with credit card please let me know. I am going to order the Vacu Hanger package with Autoextender and V stretch. Also with Anti-Turtle Sleeve really excited. It would really work out better if I could do from credit card though. Thanks alot guys!

Strike the thing about the credit Card, I figured it out my computer was being stupid.

My only question now is how to measure the last 1 3/4 from the Tip. Are you Flacid or Erect or what? It never said on the website. Once I get a reply to this I can order. Thanks guys!

If your glans is larger than your shaft, measure at the corona. If your shaft is larger than the glans, measure the shaft behind the glans.

Ok Thanks, But is that Erect or Semi Erect? My Glands are like 5.1-2 inch round when erect (with the +.2) and around 4.7-9 when semi erect so I ordered the X-Large, I definitely should Be in that Range, Since the top of the Large is 4.5 (With the +2). And my Glans always buldge out way more then my shaft so I think I should be good. SO Excited about getting this, Going to be putting in my 12 hour hanging days hehehehe. Can’t wait!

I measured flaccid. You could measure semi-erect so you get the next size up. The real trick to the vac-hanger is to fill the cup so you don’t get a lot of fluid build-up. You won’t be hanging with an erect penis so no need to measure that.

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