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Vac hanger Ugly Penis

Vac hanger Ugly Penis

So I was reading the hanging 101 thread and in there it talks about how using a vac hanger can cause your penis to appear ugly. In the thread it stated that it’s only an issue with extreme vac users. So what constitutes extreme usage? How long does this deformity last? Is it reversible? Does anyone have a pic of this?

Just trying to figure out some things regarding vac hanging and vac ADS.

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That particular thing concerned me as well when I read it.

I’m still at low weights, but any change (in shape or color) that vacuum hanger causes to the glans disappears within 1-5 minutes. Dry jelqing speeds up the process.

There were discussions that glans cannot be permanently changed (enlarged) because it’s spongy and doesn’t have a tunica. If that’s true, vacuum hanging shouldn’t be able to permanently alter it either.

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I just got my vacADS.. I already have discolouration from manual stretches before.. the vac seems to bring it out more. I need to apply more heat and jelqing.

I am only hanging 2lbs right now. It should be ok.

VacHanger is a much stronger setup I believe. Perhaps gripping head with 10+lb is more problematic?

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Originally Posted by kubchaser

I already have discolouration from manual stretches before..

How did you manage to do that? :eek:

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