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Using the hotcold method everytime, or only for cementing

Using the hotcold method everytime, or only for cementing

I hear people using heat to warm up, and than when finishing up a hanging session, they may use something cold to solidify the gains. Is this something that should be done every time, or just when you’ve made your gains, and are trying to cement them?

My thinking is, to only use heat, until a goal is reached. Than to start with the hot/cold therapy to hopefully lock those gains in.



I believe that you need to lock in the gain you made during each weight hanging session by utilizing cold therapy. There are threads by both Hobby and Kojack on the subject.

A session for me consists of three consecutive twenty minute sets. During all three sets, I apply heat. It is only during the last five minutes of the last set do I lock the gains in with the cold pack. I often apply the cold pack for a few minutes after I have removed the hanger (it feels good). If I only had time for one or two sets during a session, I would apply the cold at the end of the last set.

Actually, the cold-treatment should begin as soon as the maximum stretch has been attained. So ideally, the cold-treatment goes on with the stretch, simultaneously, not afterward.

I love GOLD

Straight away with the stretch or half way through?

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