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Time to hang?

Time to hang?

Hello guys,
Havent been around in awhile been very busy with school. Anyways some questions like always. I have been doing the newbie routine off and on for some time now. There have been gains but nothing to signficant probably because I have not stuck to it. Well anyways I was thinking about hanging and was wondering what everyone thought? I was doing some research and found the Redi-Stretcher, now this seems safe although a bit pricey, I figure as long as the dong gets bigger! Well back to the questions, what does everyone think about this product and if they recommend it for me and my stage in PEing can someone tell me how I should start out, how many times a week, and if I should continue stretching and jelqing. Well if someone could write back that would be great. Very motivated to get bigger so want to start as soon as possible.

Thanks again,

Read the RediStretcher thread. It hasn’t had any bad reviews. In fact, all the reviews have been great!

As for a routine, read the “Mos important hanging threads” sticky.

I would say do the newbie (manual exercises) routine for 3-4 months first (consistently), before any hanging.

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