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Thoughts on what to change in my routine?

Thoughts on what to change in my routine?

I’ve been working my way up in hanging weight over the last 3 months and am currently using 5 pounds.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I’ve probably never been doing enough sets, at just 2 per day at 20 minutes.

The hanging 101 guide would have me doing many more at this point in the game, but obviously it wouldn’t be good to jump from 2 sets a day to 6 when I just moved up in weight (went from 3 pounds to 5).

I want to start going for more sets as opposed to more weight, so I’m thinking I should do something like 6 sets of 3 pounds for 20 minutes. I haven’t been hanging with 5 pounds for much more than a week so I don’t think the ligs are accustomed to it yet.

What would you guys recommend?

i recommending not adding more than 1lb or 1 set per week (but not both at once)

once you’re over 10lbs, then i think it might be ok to add 2lbs in a week (as required)

however, i suggest you only add weight in 1/2lb increments, and remember—the goal is fatigue, it’s not a weightlifting competition.

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