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Theraband hurts like hell when I take it off. Uncut


It’s the tape you’re using I think XD

Originally Posted by blink2000
Do you use theraband only while hanging 20lbs?

I know my technique or wrap will likely have to change or at least be more ‘fine tuned’ by the time I reach 20lbs…

Depends on how I feel. If I want to use the WAG or if I don’t have to look too hard for it that I’ll use it. If I spend more than 2 minutes looking for it then the WAG doesn’t get used and it’s theraband only.

iHang Muzzle

:hanger: 15 lbs now. Angle: BTC

I’ve found that 7incher has the idea I use and that is baby powder to keep things from sticking. I like J&J No Hurt tape. At first it will stick like your talking about but as mentioned here before we get tough in a short while.

Hang in there, it’s worth it.

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