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theories for tunica stretch

theories for tunica stretch

After gaining recent insight on the various ligs and their functions of attaching the penis, I have developed a theory in how one could better stretch his tunica. In my case, up to October, I hung BTC pretty much exclusively for many months with a modified and then an original Bib. After noticeing how stretched my top ligs seemed to be I started hanging straight out to better hit the bottom ligs. Analyzing this, it would seem that I stretched my top ligs close to their max (for the time being) because the bottom ligs were holding them back, trying to even things out. Thus anymore BTC at that time would start to concentrate more and more on the tunica, and less on the ligs. I imagine this works the same if you hang straight out or OTS exclusive as well. Does this make any sense to you guys?


>Does this make any sense to you guys? <

Sure, it seems you have it exactly right.


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