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The Lazy Mans Routine

The Lazy Mans Routine

Awhile back I was asking people their opinions about lying in bed flat on your back and hanging straight up to the ceiling for SO hanging. I have been sticking to this routine religiously for several weeks and have worked up to 15 lbs, and 4 sets almost everyday. I have not felt or seen any negative results thus far. I haven’t measured yet but probably will in a month or so. I feel a great stretch and it is such a passive way to do PE. I just lay there watching movies and I check the feel of the old unit very often. I also have 2 timers that run off one AA battery set to the time of my set,just in case I get too relaxed(which happened BEFORE I bought them and woke up to find I had hung for 45 min!)pretty scary,so I strongly suggest these timers or set an alarm or something. Anyway hope to be able to report great results soon! Keep on stretching!! JD76

Can you elaborate?

What kind of device? How do you attach to the cieling? etc.


Hi Baywatch, I use the reg. Size bib and attach a fish scale(I think I got it at wal Mart) to it and hook a bungee cord to that and attach it to the ceiling a/c vent. I checked to make sure the vent was very well secured.The best(safest) way to do this would probably be to screw in a ‘hook screw’ to a ceiling beam. I also have different size “links” for lack of a better word ,that I use. I start with a fairly large one for 10 min. Then a little smaller one(adjustable link)for the next 10 min. Then even smaller for last 10 min. That way I “ease “into the stretch and yes I do stretch beyond the strongly suggested 20 min. Set. And no I DO NOT recommend that you do. Time will tell whether I’m hurting or helping myself. That is why I said I would keep reporting on my progress,etc. I usually start at about 10 lbs, and end up around 17 to 20 lbs. As of now I am doing 4 30 min. Sets and everything seems fine. I feel a great stretch. I would NEVER recommend this routine until I’m damn sure some positives have come from it and that could take months! Anyway thanks for the interest.My only problem seems to be I’m running out of movies to watch!

Please post your current stats in the Size Database. This helps other members to see how various techniques contribute to gains.


Originally Posted by sheLovesIt
Please post your current stats in the Size Database. This helps other members to see how various techniques contribute to gains.


Sounds good. I’ll try to get on that soon!

Originally Posted by JD76

Sounds good. I’ll try to get on that soon!

Actually I’ve been on a diet(Atkins) for a couple weeks. Thought maybe I’d lose some of the old fat pad so I’d have a more impressive NBP measurement. I know that’s a bit vain and you guys couldn’t care less. But I’ll try and post my BPEL and EG soon. This week. I plan on measuring once a month or every 6 weeks. I get discouraged sometimes like I’m sure we all on here do at times so I don’t want to check all that often! Thanks JD

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