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supplementing hanging with a traction device

supplementing hanging with a traction device

if anyone has experience in this area and can lend advice, it’d be appreciated.
I used a traction device for over 7 months and a strong 3/4 inch gain, I took a six month break and started hanging with light weights. I’ve been hanging 4 1/2 months and worked up to 6lbs. I gained maybe 1/4 inch. Keep in mind, the first 6 weeks I didn’t even hang in excess of 3lbs.

Although i’d like to hang an hour a day, this is not always possible am considering using a traction device on weekdays where I do not have the opportunity to sit still for an hour and lose a couple of days a week.

Here are a few questions.

I started feeling fatigue in the ligs at about the 3lb mark. I still feel fatigue in the ligs, but the fatigue stopped at five lbs—i hung five lbs for the last couple month s and I just recently increased ro 6lbs and fatigue returned. I am hanging straight down. Should I point the traction device straight down?

I never felt fatigue ever with the traction device. Not once. It was always pointed straight out. Never down at all. I believe that the bulk of the straight out stress was on the tunica, but I am not sure. Are ligs stressed at all straight out?

Should I keep stressing ligs all the time? I was considering doing the standard downward hanging for an hour and adding using the traction device at a straight up angle and hit the tunica. making a 50-50 mix of ligs and tunica work. Anyone ever down this.

On a side note, the average amount of time I’d use the traction device was 45 minutes to an hour a day. Maybe ninety minutes somedays. Rarely 2 hours and never more than that. Maybe I would have gained more at four hours a day, but I never had four hours a day to wear the thing and I’d like to add that long sessions may not even necessarily be a good thing.

Gogojvc when I first started hanging,all I did was straight down using capn’s wench and five pounds of weight.Once my skin and ligs got stretched some,I began to hang straight out via a pulley under my desk and about seven pounds.I also have hooks on the sides under my desk that I attach mini bungee cords to,and I can simulate over the leg hanging by putting more bungees on one side.IaI alwaysut at least one on the side opposite the one I’m trying to stress.I also still occasionally hang straight down with a seven pound weight.In my opinion straight out hanging and upper angle hanging will give you your best shot at gains.I’ve gained a quarter inch in BPEL and three quarters of an inch in BPSFL in about six weeks. Mostly hanging straight out about two hours a day and occasionally throwing in the other things I mentioned just to keep things fresh.I rarely feel any lig fatigue as I’m sure that’s where my gains came from.They have stretched to the max I’m guessing.But hanging straight out gives me a good feeling in the tunica,especially by the third or fourth twenty minute set.So in conclusion I’d say yes a 50/50 mix would be a good approach for you.

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