Stubborn Erections getting in the way of hanging and stretching. PLEASE HELP

I have an extremely high sex drive and am easily aroused. While this is something many men would dream
about, it is an extreme nuisance for length building PE exercises.

As far as girth exercises go, I have no problem doing them. My erections definitely make my girth exercises
easy and enjoyable.

My problem is that while I am hanging and stretching, I will get an erection and it is hard for me to control
it so that I can continue my exercises in a flaccid state. The erection also takes a while for it to subside
and can easily come back out of nowhere when I’m doing my exercises.

MANY people have said to just masturbate before I start my exercises but in my case, the erections are
many times STRONGER AFTER I’ve finished masturbating. I’ve even tried masturbating 2-3 times.

I honestly think it’s a mental thing where if I have physical contact with my penis, it automatically links
this to sex, arousal and/or masturbation.

I need help with guys that have had this problem while hanging/stretching. This is EXTREMELY frustrating
and is my limiting factor in consistentcy. It also is extremely time consuming as it will take me hours
to finish exercises most guys can finish in 20 minutes - as a result of my stubborn erection.

Please, do you guys have any mental strategies or anything else you do before you approach length PE
exercises (especially the guys that have had this problem and solved it).

Looking forward to some feedback.