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Starting Weights

Starting Weights

How many pounds i have to put for my beginning.

and what kind of stuff you use to make your weights.

excuse my poor english.

Don´t worry about the english, just do your best, but it´s time to fresh up on the Forum Guidelines /forum/misc.php?s=&action=faq&page=4#style

About the weights, it´s up to you, start as low as you can and increase in small steps, use common sense. I started with 2.2 lbs without problems myself, that was the lowest weight I had available.

Use weight plates for barbells/dumbells or if you don´t have any you can use some kind of container and fill it with water or sand. With water it´s easy to keep track of weight since 1dl=100g (yay meter system).

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Thanks Rocco

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