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Anyone ever come up with a good explanation for , or even notice for that matter, after a good hanging session your scrotum gets very tight? Or is it just me?

Maybe you need to relax more? That’s my guess.

I’m not a hanger but I have exactly the same thing. I got it from stretching. I think I damaged a ligament, it’s fucking doing my head in. I’m quite worried.

I don’t hang as well and I have had this ‘tight scrotum’ even before I started PE.
My urologist said it has something to do with my ligaments who are naturally tight and short or something, nothing to worry about.
It’s mainly in the night (after 00.00) that my scrotum gets tight, but not always/everyday.

She proved me that it was because of my ligaments by touching the area around my right testicle. It made my testicle go up and tighten up my scrotum.

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