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Post-PE Shrinkage?

Post-PE Shrinkage?

Maybe 8 hours after my PE session yesterday, my erect penis’ BPEL was smaller than usual. I had been making gains from my routine up until then.

Is this normal, and does anyone else have post-PE erect length shrinkage?

Aim-High Willis, feel free to ask questions like this in the modified newbie routine thread. I am there to help you guys that are trying it out. This is normal and also the reason I tell you guys to measure on your second rest day or right before doing the routine. On your first rest day, your penis is regrouping from the stress you put it through the day before. Nothing to worry about unless you have been stretching really hard or done high erection jelqing, witch you have not since you are on the modified newbie routine…right? :) Just measure again tomorrow.

Thanks babbis. I will post future queries in the modified newbie routine thread.

No, problem! It was only a suggestion since I was the one that created the routine. I know a thing or two about it…:) Keep up the good work!

Sure thing boss.

I get this to. Some would call it the “Turtle” effect. Big Girtha always preaches to “never let it turtle”. After a workout depending on what you do, your dick goes into a recovery period.

So up to about an hour after a workout your dick should be pumped up from the workout. After that it needs heal. So its not ready to go full force.

For this reason alone is why I do 1 on 2 off. With my 1 on being a crazy workout. I clamp only.

thal! What have you gained from the 1 on 2 off routine? How long have you used this routine?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Not to long on the 1 on 2 off. It’s just for clamping. I get bad recovery from clamping. If I do 3 x 10 its the same the next day as if I did 9 x 10 sets. The same I mean weak erections. Light or heavy the next day I really can’t get a strong erection. I have always thought of PE as lifting weights. I wouldn’t curl 2 on 1 off and I think my arms are much better suited to withstand everyday use and damage.

I am seeing better results and a better pump when I am clamped. Bottom line is I don’t want to do any permanent damage to my member and clamping is a extreme thing that is done in PE. I read that someone else was doing this, and hopefully less is more. But like I said my 1 on is a long workout, of about 8-9 sets and getting one extreme expansion instead of one smaller one.

First off, I would like to say that I stumbled upon this site 2 years ago and dabbled in PE with little to no avail (time and effort). Now, I’m finally a member and starting to get on to a routine (been about a month). I had just a few questions:

1) I read about the “turtle” effect above and I was just wondering, if you do not keep your penis stretched out to prevent the reflex, does that hinder gains?

2) and I know this is very generic, but I figured I’d post it since it goes along with the topic. I see that some people have lost gains from stopping PE, but is it possible to lose gains from your original size? And what are typical 1 month gains?

When I first started PE, I tried to jelq incorrectly, and I did it for a very long time. My penis then went smaller than when I started! So I waited 5 days to start again, and I gained 1/4”.

Starting over with the newbie routine on Jan. 1st, 2007.

The shrinkage sorted itself out. I’m longer than ever now.

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