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Should I hang?

Should I hang?

Dear all pro hangers:

I have been considering hanging for a while, but first let me tell you about my dick. Its currently 7”bp, and about 4.6”G midshaft and less than 4.5” at the base. I have mainly been Jelqing and doing Horses, and am a relative PE newbie as I have been PE’ing since end of November 2003. Also my erection angle is just below 9 o’clock when I Kegel less if I don’t. Also my LOT is around 7 o’clock

My first goal is I would like to acheive is 5” girth (and 7”nbp - but the girth is my first target), but my base seems weaker/bendier than the rest of my dick. When erect I think the base is one of the reasons why I have a low erection angle (as this is where the penis sort of bends down a bit).

Length is not want I want at this time, I just want to achieve an even 5” girth (by hanging to get base girth and manual excersises to get the main girth), without affecting my erection angle by hanging downards, I know many have said hanging does not effect erection angle, but I am trying to increase mine. I always stretch upwards more than downwards, and by stretching upwards/over the shoulder I would hopefully be stretching the underside of my penis more than the top.

So my questions are as follows:
1. Can I start hanging over the shoulder to gain Base girth? - To hopefully prevent any loss of erection angle, and after all I am not after length at this time from Lig stretches.

2. What sort of routine can I incorporate hanging into so that it I can still aim for girth. I currently do warm up, 5 min stretch, 300 jelqs, 5 X 30 second horses, two days on, one day off. Could I hang for 45 minutes in the morning and do other manual stuff at night? Could I do 4 days straight? - As I see my GF at weekends and don’t want to hang at her house. Doing manual stuff at her house takes enough of my time.

I think I have covered most stuff here. Sorry it is a bit all over the place. Oh yeah I am considering buying the Bib starter.

Thanks in advance,


Maybe all that isnt needed, instead:

my question: “Could I use a Bib starter hanging over the shoulder to increase my base girth?”

and a follow up question: “can hanging affect my quest for girth or erection angle?”

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I don’t know about question #1. Of course, I’ve been hanging less than one month :)

As for #2, I think with a low lot, the only hope one has to try to increase their erection angle is to add more tunica length to raise their LOT. However, you said you aren’t looking for more length. If that’s the case, I’d skip hanging unless you get feedback that it really will help your base girth or at the very least do it in conjunction with extreme uli’s and a Bib Uli Thing.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Thanks RB, I do want more Length but thats a Long term goal, firstly I want to concentrate on girth, as this is the area I feel less than adequate in. As length is something I will be aiming for once I have more girth, I am considering getting a Bib while they are still being made.

Also would hanging near the base emphasize base girth or would it just concentrate the stretch on the Ligs?


>”Could I use a Bib starter hanging over the shoulder to increase my base girth?” <

Hmmm, you know, I thought I had seen about every question. My answer would be, I just don’t know. Specifically, I don’t know if the angle of hang would make any difference on whether you gained base girth or not. My instinct would be to say it would not, but that is a guess.

The problem is, I doubt you will find anyone who has hung OTS exclusively.

>”can hanging affect my quest for girth or erection angle?”<

In theory, you might be able to increase erection angle by only hanging OTS. But with an already low EA, what difference does it make? I doubt hanging at the lower angles would lower it much more. I had a high EA before PE, and now, it is at 9:00. For me, the 9:00EA with a ten inch cock is better than a 12:00 EA with a six inch cock.

Hanging increased my base girth by 1.5 inches.

>Also would hanging near the base emphasize base girth or would it just concentrate the stretch on the Ligs?<

Hanging near the base would probably just stretch skin.


Thanks Bib, I have just ordered the starter.

I’ll see how OTS exclusively goes, and report back the findings. I just don’t wank to risk losing precious (to me) erection angle.

Melvin :)

Melvin, I think erection angle changes are tied exclusively to stretching of the ligs. As long as you hang at an angle above your LOT, you are stressing the tunica, which is what you want.

I too thought like you that I would concentrate on stretching only OTS, as I could do it while lying on my total gym, nice, peaceful and relaxing. Felt great, only problem is I reached a point where it felt like my entire tunica was resisting the stretch, making it harder and harder to hit fatigue. No divide and conquer was going on. Thinking things through, I came to the conclusion that the OTS angle just wasn’t putting enough direct stress on the septum, which in my opinion is the biggest obstacle to tunica elongation.

I switched to straigh out, and found easy fatigue the very first set. I figured I’d stay at SO until I lost fatigue, then go back to OTS. I’ve been at SO exclusively for a week and a half now, no sign of the fatigue stopping :)

This caused me to further reflect on what was going on. I concluded that since I was adequately stressing the toughest fibers in the tunica, the septum, that by default I was automatically also stressing the lessor fibers, ie the rest of the tunica.

Currently, SO hanging in the morning 2 sets, with SO manual stretching throughout the day and night (when time allows, at least 30 minutes total) and a few quick SO then pull over the leg manual stretches at bedtime, is giving me feelings I haven’t had in a long, long time, pun intented :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Today I just started doing a horse 440 variation, but instead of pushing down only on the head, I push the head and my thickest uppershaft. It focuses the horse expansion to the lower shaft, not at the very base, but close. I will experiment with these for a couple weeks and see if I get any result. Then off to the hanger.

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