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Rice socks

Rice socks

Ha Guys,

Do you think the life of a rice sock used for moist heat is limited. I mean does putting the rice sock in the microwave for 30 to 40secs eventually cook the rice and lessen the moisture in there.

I will be renewing my rice sock tommorrow for the first time in just under a year and want to know if you guys have ever done the same or do you just keep using your original one?


I haven’t noticed a difference in mine over the last half year but I did have an early version catch on fire in the microwave. I think it had something to do with the material makeup of the sock itself - not being 100% cotton, but I couldn’t rule out that the rice itself had become parched and simply burned.

I have to admit though, that it smelled pretty good.

Since you are renewing your rice sock what do you intend to do with the rice that has served you so well over the last year? It might make a nice anniversary meal.


No I will give the birds that leave in my front garden a nice meal.


The rice in mine is well-cooked. Dark brown, and the formerly white cotton sock is tan/brown now too. It still puts out a fair amount of moisture on the first heating of the day. Subsequent heatings don’t produce what I would consider “moist heat,” but it was like that from the beginning.

I’m going to make a new one because the well-done sock has developed a small hole.

GMJ, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t dangerous to feed birds rice? I understand they stopped recommending it be thrown at weddings, because the birds eat it, and once in the stomach, the rice absorbs fluid, swells up, and kills the bird through intestinal blockage. I’m sure a few grains wouldn’t be too bad, but a whole rice sock might be dangerous.


An Australian Black crow doesn’t give a rats arse what it eats. If it can get it into its mouth then its got a feed.


Hi guys,

I use a tube filled with flax seed. It seems to hold the heat a little better and smells good in my opinion when heated. It also is a finer seed so it flows around in the sock or tube easily.

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