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To those of you who use a Rice Sock ....

To those of you who use a Rice Sock ....

How long do you nuke it for? Just wondering. Made myself one today. Going to start using it while I hang.

Also, how many times can you heat one before needing to replace the rice?

It all depends on how much rice is in there, and how powerful your microwave is. The one I made takes about 1 minute to warm up to the right temperature. If it had more rice I would have to warm it longer to get to the same temperature.

I suspect that as long as you don’t really overheat yours, it might last for a very long time. If your sock gets ragged, change both rather than just changing the sock :D

I nuke it for one minute as well. This is usually sufficient for a five minute warm up period. Be careful though, it can become quite hot after only a minute.

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Ok, LOL, I had nuked mine for 3 minutes with 1.5 cups of rice in there and it got VERY hot! I love the moist heat though!

I use 1.5 minutes, but have been slacking off on using it at all. I have done fairly well without heat while hanging.

By the way, the “sock” is actually two square washcloths sewed together by my sweetie. The large area would easily cover both the bibhanger and upper shaft.

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