My new desk rig

Here’s my brand new under desk pulley system (see photo attached). It works like a charm for SO hanging. Basic supplies included:

1) 2 x 4 untreated pine board, cut to the width of the desk opening
2) Heavy duty brackets for attaching the 2 x 4 to the desk
3) Eye hook with screw. This gets screwed into the 2 x 4
4) 1.25” pulley with swivel end. This connects to the eye hook
5) 3/16” braided nylon & polypro rope
6) 2 spring-loaded karabiner hooks. Karabiners are tied to each end of the rope with 2 half hitches.

The whole thing took about an hour, distractions included. Even though I’m relatively new to PE, I find that straight out hanging has a much more natural feel for me and it seems to produce immediate results. My body recoils against straight down hanging.

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