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Removable pulley


Removable pulley

Jealous of all the guys hanging SO I went out to buy me a vice and pulley today. I thought about attaching a hook to my desk but I don’t like the idea of screwing stuff into it also a hook is not very stealthy but this setup is :D The wheel of the pulley is made of plastic so I’m not sure how much weight it can handle but it doesn’t seem to have any problem with 7.5kg. I bought a big vice which cost €3.90 and 2 pulleys together were €5.10.

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Fantastic idea Piet! Saves drilling into the desk too.


Piet, thats exactly what I have been playing with for a few weeks. I had to forget it as I don’t have enough room behind my desk to move my chair back far enough for it work.

I have now screwed a hook under my desk on the far side and it works great.

I made a little aid out of a plank today to hit the higher angles. I have not tested it yet but in case it would break during testing I made a picture beforehand to show the idea.

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Hey Piet,

Great idea!

Here is a pic of my SO setup.

It consists of a steel plate about 30 x 40 mm screwed into the underside of my desk with 4 , 40 mm screws. The plate has what looks like half a chain link welded to it. I then used a d-shackle to hang a pulley from the plate. Works very well and allows me to keep doing my work at my desk while hanging SO, without anything getting in the way.

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Piet awesome. I want ot try SO because of my low LOT but I have a very expensive oak desk that I don’t want to drill. This takes care of that problem. Thank you so much!

Good idea Piet!

And this way you don’t have to screw a hook into, and thus ruin, that beautiful desk! ;)

Personally - I made a wooden frame for hanging straight up at my desk…

I’m doing it now actually…

Sorry I don’t have a picture..

See Ya,


That pivot nail in the plank is going to split the plank someday. 3/8” of wood is nothing.

3/4” is enough, if you could put pivot axle on top of plank, or use nominal 2” lumber which is actually 1-1/2” thick and then put your nail 3/4” or 1” up from the bottom.

You could get the pivot on top of the plank using a piece of door hardware, a sliding bolt, as the axle of the pivot.

I thought I would bump this. It’s a simple and great idea.

Working on getting ABSURDLY thick - Latest picture - Late 2010

I just use a 4” PVC halfpipe tied with a rope to the front of my chair. It’s great for SO to BTC range angles. I actually purchased a 4” PVC pipe & cut it in half & used some boy scout knots to safely strap it to the front of my chair. It’s an adjustable height chair, so it’s easy to raise up if the weight hits the ground.

For SO to any lower angle, down to BTC, I think the setup is ideal.

I have not yet decided what to use for higher angles; I have yet to hang at higher angles so far.

Thought id bump this. Has anyone else tried this. I’m going to try it today and ill put pics up if all goes well.

If I had the privacy to do this, I guess I would.

This thread deserves a bump. Can’t wait for Monday to go to the hardware store and get the same setup. :)

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

I just use a plastic clothes hanger and a bungee cord.

I can use it at the desk, coffee table, kitchen table, etc..

Cheap, simple, and versatile.

I’m glad you bumped this UpTo7.

4” PVC Halfpipe for Lower Angles (BTC, SD)
I still think the 4” PVC half-pipe is ideal for lower angles (just because it’s very convenient and easy to use). Although the 4” PVC halfpipe works well for SD and BTC hanging, I think a pulley would probably work better for SO, or SU (the 4” pvc halfpipe works ‘ok’ for SO, but I don’t think it is ideal for that angle).

Pulley for Higher Angles (SO, SU)
I don’t know of a good way to do SO, or SU other than a pulley (or a makeshift pulley, like having the weight over a chair or another object). Lately I have started trying to think of comfortable, easy ways to hang SU. If what I do seems unique, I will post a picture. I may do what Piet did and put the pulley on the very edge of my desk. I am worried though if I use a lot of weight that my desk could just topple over, or move more than I want it to…

Even though alternating shoulders might be annoying, I think the deeper angle I can get from OTS might be more effective (for dealing with turkeyneck) vs SU. In fact, dealing with turkeyneck more effectively (by stretching out the skin on the underside of my shaft), has been on my mind a lot lately. BTC and SD are not very good for dealing with turkeyneck (in my opinion).


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