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Received Vacu-Hanger, got s

Received Vacu-Hanger, got s

I ordered a Vacu-Hanger and received it within a week. So, to those of you (like me) who were not able to reach him through email or board message, he at least is shipping product and that’s the most important thing if you ask me.

However, I do wish he was reachable because I am having some difficulty in using this thing. My size is about 7.0bpel 5.1 girth. I ordered a size Large. However, it doesn’t seem to slip well over my shaft. I am having a lot of discomfort though that may primarily just be from not having knack yet of putting it and sleeve on well. I am concerned though that I got the wrong size.

Anyone with experience with Vacu-Hanger here that would be able to tell me whether or not I got the right size?

I’m experiencing a lot if discomfort here. Can anyone tell me if they think a size L Vacu-Hanger is too small for someone with 5.1” girth?

It might be too small, but try putting your dick in there when it’s very semi-erect. I’m talking about just 30% or erect or so and see how it works out. You might even be able to get away with putting it in there pretty much flacid.

Vac-hangers have a pretty big learning curve and each individual is different. I was experimeting for almost 3 whole weeks before I figured out the best way for me to hang, and even then I’m still not sure if this is the “best” for me, or if I could do better. You should vary the strength of your erection and also try using the constriction sleeve… try all different combinations of things and see how it works out.

The problem with inserting while flaccid is that then, perhaps partly because I am uncut, it’s very diffficult to unroll the sleeve without crimping a lot of skin.

I find that I can insert better by moistening the inside of the unit slightly. I just wet a finger with tap water and rub it around the inside.

The critical moment is when you roll the sleeve off the hanger an onto your dick. Before you let it off be sure you haven’t got any skin where it can be pinched. The other thing that is really critical for comfort is that your sleeve is not too long. Practice makes perfect.

If you’re interested you can check out my progress and technique at
Vacuum Hanging Progress.

Started PE late August, 2005: BPEL 5.875"

Oct 1, 2006: BPEL 6.9375"; Dec 1, 2006: 7.125"; Dec 7, 2007: 7.25"; February 22, 2008: 7.375"

Practice, practice.

If you can fit your flaccid glans inside the hanger, then it isn’t too small.

regards, mgus

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