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Ready to hang.

Ready to hang.

Ok. I am now determined to start hanging.

However there is no way I am going to make my own. I have neither the tools or the inclination for that matter.

I must buy a bib. I’ve been to his new site and have a question for those that hang. If a starter has the capability to accomodate a penis of 6” EG and I think at least 8” EL, and I don’t wish to be any bigger than this, then is there any reason for me to get the bib hanger, which accomodates up to 8 or more” EG and has no limit on length?

My measurements are 7” BPEL (I measure sitting btw. I know some PEers regard that as ‘cheating’) and 5 EG

Also if any UK hangers have a bib to sell then please let me know.

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