Questions for SS4Jelq

Hey, I joined in Dec of 2001 apx 1 month after starting PE. I was LUCKY in that I gained over 1/2 inch EL the first month with manual stretching only. Almost all of my gains, +1” EL, +0.6” EG came in the first 6 months. Gains made through manual stretching, jelqing and some girth wrapping/clamping. I bought a Bib Starter and did quite a bit of hanging with no length success although somewhere along the way I gained some nice base girth. Since then I have not made any gains despite additional hanging and girth work.

Back to my questions:

I had not been on the boards for a LONG time. I remember your posts about how much (incredibly) PE effort you had made in just about every way with no success. I remember feeling sorry for you and realizing that I would have quit within a relatively short time if I had no gains. I would have considered it BS. The fact that you continued amazed me.

Now, just lately I notice that you are up to roughly 7.75” !!!! OUTSTANDING. Inspirational.

What were your starting stats?

What did you do to finally start gaining?

Do you feel that you had to go through over 3 years before your body would gain? OR Do you fee that by making specific changes you were able to gain and probably would have early on?

Looks like you made most of your gains in apx a year, correct?

Thanks for your time. My hat is off to you.