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Question(s) for Marinera

Question(s) for Marinera

Hey Marinera! So I was reading through a bit of your history and I saw you started at 8BP with 7NBP and you got yourself up to 9.5 in three years. Now in one of your posts you said you hanged approximately 100 hours and gained an inch in length which I’m estimating put you at 9BP.

1) What was your average weight during this 100 hours?
2) How many hours in total do you estimate it took to get you to 9.76 now?
3) Did you do anything besides hang?
4) How many hours a day did you clock on average?

I ask because I want to start a hanging regiment in future based on measuring according to hours hanged.

Also I have noticed you don’t believe in the “inner penis” theory. How do you believe gains come about?

(dd/mm/yyyy) 10/05/2013 BPEL 15cm (5.9 inches) ...22/11/2013 BPEL 19.5cm (7.68 inches)... 29/11/2014 BPEL 20.6cm (8.11 inches)

Short Term: 8 BPEL Long term: 8 NBPEL Long Long Term: 9 NBPEL

Hanging progress.......... Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week.

1) I gained an inch in length but lost a good part of it due to overwork. The weigth that seemed to kick in gains was about 3kg if I remember correctly. I think the average weight was about 4.5kg. I can’t really remember precisely, because a lot of time has passed, but for sure you can’t hang a lot of weight that way - I was using a homemade noose style hanger. If I remeber correctly, I added fast the weight, hanging 5 dasy/week, 30-90 minutes per day, doing very long sets (30-60 minutes).

2) that’s impossible to estimate; I gained through jelqs, hanging and wearing an extender, roughly in the same ratio. I think I have done about 1,000 hours with the extender, which is the biggest time/consuming technique. With hanging probably less than 100.

3)While I hanged, I did nothing else but few jelqs to restore blood flow and EQ.

4) I suppose you are again referring to hanging. As said, about 60 minutes per day, 5 days per week. If I remeber correctly I did some weeks (4? 8?) of hanging, adding some weight per week, maybe 0.5kg every week or two; then came the week when I was feeling that weigth was really stretching the tissue, in a comfortable way.

How gains come about? First, let me remember that the penis is tied to your body by the inside; the main components of your penis, CC, are tied to the ischiopubic rami. So to have your inner penis exposed, you should cut, with chainsaw or such, the CC; there should be no reasons though to think the inner penis is completely different than the outer penis, so it can grow and a few millimeters of the inner penis, now longer, will stay out in the sun.

Ok, so how gains come about? I think there are several phases; in the first phase, gains are mostly due to stretched tissue; the same tissue can stretch a bit more. At this point, if systematically the same tissue is stretched, the fibers inside the tissue will become longer. Maybe a few of them will break and will rebuilt longer than before, so after a while you have many fibers longer than before, and you can see gains. Or, and this is what I think is more likely, fibers are just damaged, not broken, and the repairing of these damaged fibers adds length over time, basically through cellular proliferation.

This is very interesting to read. Thanks aggolb for asking the questions and thanks marinera for your thorough answers. I’m following a similar routine of hanging, extender and light jelqing or water pump.

Prior to reading this my thoughts were slowly move up in weight as much as possible with a Vac4.1 hanger. I believe I will now try capping my weight increases at 7.5lbs and keep my routine as follows. Morning routine of 1 hour of hanging, light jelqing or light water pump, then an extender for a few hours afterwards. Evening routine of two hours extender followed by 1 hour of hanging.

I typically take no rest days but am now wondering if I should.

It is hard to draw conclusions basing on just one case. Maybe I should say it is worthless. Anyaway for inspirational purpose you can also check this thread, guys
lil1’s Progress Report

I think there are several points in common with my ‘hanging carreer’; he even started doing an extender+hanging, so similar to your routine Wawawuh
So very, very, very close to 7”!

This site is so big that some very interesting stuff just gets forgot(ten?).

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