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Question for BIB Hanger owners

Question for BIB Hanger owners

Hey there,

I have just sent off for my BIB hanger and was wondering if any of you have thought of some (plausible) alternative uses for it.

ie if one of my flatmates should be rifling thru my drawers and find it then ask of course :

“Whats this thing?”

“Oh yeah, thats like a clamp i attach to my dick so that i can hang weights off it.” No. I don’t think so.

So any excuses that i can use in the event of this happening would be great to know.

Of course if anyone actually walks in on me whilst its in use….. Oh the shame….

(i already think they are pretty suspicious about why i spend such an inordinately long time in the shower so often!)

See Ya,


It is a cure for hammer toe! You put the offending toe (member) in there and it straightens the curve. If they say your feet don’t look bad, then you say it really works well, it corrected your problem. Also you bought it of some crazy alternative health website in America!

Not Bad at all!

I quite like that one - and seeing as most of my buddies know i am quite into my bizarre schemes for various stuff probably believable.

I already had one mate ask me why i had 4.5 kilos of plates held together with string!

nb they are for my shoulder (i sprained the ligs afew months ago and i’m building them back up with very light weights!)

See Ya,


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