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proper/improper all day stretch



Hi Ineed9 !!

Is this the site your talking about ? In the faq it mentions Golden Rooster frequently, and they have multiple ADS devices available.



Product URL

Hello guys,

Yes, Terran that is the correct URL.
I didn’t see Ten by Seven’s post until today as I have been

rather busy lately. If you’re looking for the stretching devices
you can find them in 2 different spots on the left side navigation bar.

Look at either their package deals, where they have complete
packages and also under replacement parts. Here they offer the different all day stretching devices along with individual products.

I found out about these guys in 1999. Back then you had to call them on the phone to place orders so they have been around awhile.

Now it’s easy, just point and click.

Hopes this helps.


Product URL

Hi Guys,

The correct url is

You can use the navigation bar on the left to look at their
products. They sell complete packages, also look at

replacement parts for the ads devices. I found these guys
in 1999, so they have been around a while.

Use to you had to phone in orders. Now days it’s simply
point and click.

Hopes this helps.



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