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proper/improper all day stretch


proper/improper all day stretch

I was wondering about this: Everytime I complete a hang session I wrap my piece in an ace bandage in order to keep it in an extended state for the majority of the day to enhance healing. I really like this method of constant stretch so to speak, because it is comfortable and it is less conspicuous. But is it useless.

The reason I say this is because, I remember reading a post where BIB stated that early in hanging the first ligs that must be stretched are the suspensory ligs(lft & rght). I’m hanging at 9 lbs. and it is relatively early in my hanging career. So if I have not even began to damage my tunica yet, why am I keeping it in an extended state. What I mean is, the ace bandage is not putting any pressure on the suspensory ligs, as would say walking around all day with 4lbs. connected. Right or wrong?


Traction wrapping is one of those practices that we are just not sure about. IMHO it is a waste of time. I don’t believe that it puts enough stretch on the penis to keep the micro-tears open. All day stretching offers more of chance to keep the micro-tears open. Although, I am beginning to have an idea that frequency of PE is the real secret to keeping the tears open. Big gainers like Bigger and Doublelongdaddy were and still are compulsive about their PE. Bigger always hung during the day starting at about 7:30 AM and then got a couple of sets in at later at night after his family went to bed. Doublelong has an obsessive/compulsive disorder and would get up in the middle of the night and PE.

Lil2big1 and P9 have done a lot of ADS and have made some good gains. It may be that a combination of frequent PE and low instensity stretching via ADS or manual efforts may be the secret. I think that each individual must find the combination that is right for him considering that healing time is also an important factor.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I have a read a few of your threads, and want to let you know my situation was much the same as yours. In fact, I have been PE’ing for nearly 2 years, and saw very little gain in the first 1-1/2 years. I tried everything from jelqing, manual stretching, hanging, etc. I did manage to gain abot 3/8” in that time period, but thats all. Over the past few months (with the help of the Bib Hanger), I have managed to add another 3/4” The only thing I’m doing differently is hanging btc with as much weight as I can stand without inflicting personal injury. I usually position myself in a padded chair, put my feet up on a desk, and scoot my ass forward so I can hang over the edge of the chair. My ligs are on fire for the first few minutes, and when I’m finished with a 20 minute session, I am all red in my pubic area. I normally try and do 2 sets like this. I feel good and fatigued when I’m finished. I feel that I have very tight ligs, and it is going to take some real effort on my part to move them. I follow up with a good 20 minute jelq session, alternating between the PJ and manual jelqing by hand,alternating every 5 minutes. This method has been very effective for me. As I stated earlier, I have made more progress in the past few months than I had in the past few years. Don’t give up the faith. Keepup your diligence and be persistant.One day you’ll stumble upon that perfect combination that works best for you. When you do,it will all have been worth it. Always remember to listen to your body, and not push yourself beyond its capabilities to avoid injury. Best of luck to you. IM4



I’m relatively new to this forum but you peaked my interest about stretching the ligs. I’ve been at PE about 2 years now and early on got the All-day-stretcher from Golden Rooster. I purchased it after buying the Grip from them.

Anyway, I still use it 6 on and 1 off— 4-5 hours p/d after hanging heavy weights in morning. The device attaches to the leg and uses a rubber cord that puts a 2-3 lb stretch on the penis straight downward.

I’ve had very good results from using it and contribute getting very loose ligs using it. It is totally adjustible so I can walk around or sit and stretch out. It is important to keep the penis stretched out after heavy weight sessions.

This is a great little device, I wouldn’t be without it!
Keeps the micro- tears open all thru- out the day.

Hang in there!



Hi Ineed9 !! Just a few quick questions, are you using the Knee Strap Tension System, or Leg Strap ? Does this work on the noose principle ? Do you have any problems with your penis loosing circulation and getting numb ? One last question, is the stretcher truly discrete, and hard to spot under clothing ?

I’m been looking for a good stretcher, but haven’t had much luck. Sorry for all the questions, but I’m really looking forward to your input.



Re: All-Day-stretching

Hi Terran,

I’ll try and answer as best I can. Firstly, I use the leg strap. I had to modify their strap a bit to make it more comfortable. Basically, it goes over your foot, then up to your knee and uses velcro to keep it attached. Works on either leg also. I switch between left and right leg to get an even stretch on either side of my member.

No, this dosen’t work on a noose principle. There is a stretchy rubber cord, very durable, which simply attaches from the leg stretcher to the attachment sleeve you put on your penis.

About loosing circulation.. numbness. Well, you know anytime you stretch for a extented amount of time you will get some coldness and a little numbness. That is why I figured out early on after getting this device that a great way to do it is to go on a 1 hour on— 1 hour off routine thru-out the day. I’ve found this to be very effective for the ligs.

It depends on the person as to how long you should go with the stretching during the day. Mind- you, this device only puts any where from about 1-3 to 4 lbs of stretch. It’s totally adjustable, so it’s really up to you.

Yes, it would work under loose clothing. I have worn it that way.
It’s all low profile.

If you are looking for a great stretching device I recommend it highly. I use it directly after hanging heavy weights in order to keep the small tears open thru-out the day. Some may think this is not necessary, but after a hanging session what happens, your little buddy goes into turtle mode automatically. It must be trained and stretched daily. That is what this device is great at!

I wouldn’t be without it! I’ve used it for over 2 yrs now.

Hope I answered your questions, let me know if not.
I can give their url if you like, don’t have it on hand right now.



I was curious as to how much you have gained during your 2 years of PE. Thanks.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hi jelktoid,

I would have to say I’ve gained around 1- 11/4” erect in that time period.
Haven’t measured lately due to tingling in member, got a little carried away the other day so I’m resting a bit.

Last year I went 8 months solid and got my biggest gains then, no telling what gains would be if went for a year like planned.
Flaccid length has increased around 2” also on a 6 on… 1 off p/w routine.

I’ve been @ PE for a long time and it has been an off and on kinda thing but still active as long as I continue to see gains.



Hi Ineed9 !!

Thank you so much for your input, it’s greatly appreciated. I think I will be ordering one of their stretchers soon. My main fear was the noose setup, since it doesn’t incorporate this, I feel much more confident in the product.

Thanks for the offer on the URL, but I located it before I posted the message asking you all those questions.

Thank you again, your replies have really helped.



What is a noose principle?

I really need an ADS, but I got lost with the whole noose setup. Can someone fill me in?

Noose principle

I’ll try and describe the best that I can. If I’m off base, I’m sure one of the veterans will correct any mistakes.

Think of a Hangman’s noose. A thin line (I would think similar to fishing line but probably a lot thicker, not sure) of material which is used to put around your head. Then it is attached to a strap or device of some sort that will create lbs of tension.

The big problem is that the noose being thin and wrapped around your head can greatly effect circulation, not to mention (if I’m correct) it sits on top a ridge of nerves that are near the head. This can cause some big problems.

I hope this helps, and I hope I’m on target with the general principle.



Try this

Hey T-Rex,

Click on this link and scroll down to the “loop device”. This is basically a noose type attachment. There is also some good general information on this page and the rest of this copy of one of Tom Hubbard’s old sites. Check the PE Archive for more and also his new site. Links are at the bottom of every page.


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Sorry, it took a while to get to this. Don’t know how I missed it.

>The reason I say this is because, I remember reading a post where BIB stated that early in hanging the first ligs that must be stretched are the suspensory ligs(lft & rght). I’m hanging at 9 lbs. and it is relatively early in my hanging career. So if I have not even began to damage my tunica yet, why am I keeping it in an extended state. What I mean is, the ace bandage is not putting any pressure on the suspensory ligs, as would say walking around all day with 4lbs. connected. Right or wrong? <

Well, it all depends. Even at nine lbs, you could very well have micro tears in your tunica that can be kept open. I never wrapped the entire shaft after hanging, so I do not have personal experience. But I would think it could do some good.

If you wrap the entire shaft, and then place it down in your pants, it should put some small stress on the ligs. And if you wrap at the right pressure, the head will probably swell, keeping the tunica in the extended state. Remember, you are not trying to put any great stress on it. Simply keep it extended.


appreciate the response BIB, thanx.

Hey ineed9 can you post the URL, to this product I like to buy one. I try to located with out luck. Thanks in advance Ten By Seven

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