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Post hanging soreness

Post hanging soreness

Was going to ask this in the hangers forum but guess I don’t have enough posts.

I’ve been hanging for about 2 months now and have noticed some gains. I’ve used ads for about a year before that and haven’t noticed soreness like this before.. When hanging straight down I noticed that afterward my abs, lower abs that is feel like they’ve been worked/stretched a bit. Do the ligs go up this far into the abdomen? Like I said, hanging seems to be working alot better than the ads but I just wanted to know if this sort of fatigue is normal or experienced by others.

Oh yeah, I’ am currently hanging at 10lbs.


Yes, quite normal. I often felt like I had to poop after and during BTC sessions.

I found that the best thing to do is, well, poop. Then keep going. There’ll still be soreness.

The feeling you’re desribing is what you want.

I’m assuming you’re hanging at either a BTC or SD angle to feel that kind of discomfort in the lower abs?

I’d suggest making it more extreme of an angle, too. Try sitting on one chair, and elevating your legs on a chair that’s a bit higher. When the weight is on, let your dick literally split your butt cheeks and travel down the crack. It sounds absurd, but a more extreme angle will target the ligs better!


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Hey, thanks for the reply.

I most often sit in my chair and do 15-20 minute sets. I love the feel of the pulling but just wanted to make sure that I was targeting the right area. When I stand up then I really feel a difference in the direction and what not.

I don’t want to jinx myself here but I do think that most of my gains in the past 6 months have been from the last 2 months of hanging. I mean I’ve never felt the sort of “fatigue” than what I’ve felt with hanging.


Thanks again.

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