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Please help!

Please help!

This question has probably been answered lots of times but I can’t get my head around things, I am totally baffled from all the information on this site.

When hanging how do you know when your penis is fatigued and what are you supposed to do when it is fatigued?

Also any and all advise on how to master wrapping would be greatly appreciated!

I(amaru) edited out the second half of this post as it was non-hanging and basically a double post of this thread:
a little help please!

Also ran a spell check and fixed some capitalization while I was at it. :rolleyes:

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No gains for me until I hung. Getting a proper wrap is crucial to hanging. I don’t know about the new and improved BIB’s but back in the day plenty of guys spent weeks and even months before mastering both wrapping and adjusting the settings. Switching from tee-shirt to sweatshirt for an under wrap helped me a lot. Even after I started to find a way of wrapping that worked for me I would still often have to wrap, unwrap, re-wrap….ad nauseium.

On the plus side hanging hits things in a whole different way. Once you do master the wrapping hanging is very easy.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks you’ve been a real help.


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