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Penis Tendons


Penis Tendons

Can you all describe the tendons you have in your penis that you can see/feel when you bend an erection down?

There ligaments,3 to be exacted and the penis is a very complex hydraulic system.Mostly made of blood and tissue that expand when your brain has a chemical reaction.Are mission at thunders is too stretch these ligs buy deforming it with micro tears.Ya it sound worst then it is just follow the guidelines and it will be painless.Brake the rules and have a broke dick.

5/27/09 start>>> BP Length 5.5 NBP 5 Girth 5.5

7/16/09>>> BP Length 6 NBP 5.5 Girth 5.5.

Thank you PE and Thunders.

When you guys stretch or penis out, or when it is erect, do you have any tendons that run from the base out into your shaft on the top and sides? For example, if you have an erection and you push it down and feel the top and or top sides of your penis, do you feel anything that feels like a tendon?

I know the anatomy, I’m not looking for an anatomy lesson, I just want to hear what you guys have…

If you know the anatomy then you know the penis has no tendons. Tendons connect muscle to bone and the penis is not a muscle or a bone. The penis has ligaments.


Most men have the same anatomy and ligament placement. Some may be more prominent that others. Why do you ask? Do you think yours are different?

I’m interested in what the suspensory ligament looks like as it ties into the shaft. I’ve seen all the diagrams, but I can’t find any photos of actual suspensory ligaments. It looks like, by hanging, I’ve pulled mine out of my body somewhat (about an inch) and the way the ligaments tie into the shaft is not like any diagrams I’ve seen.

Great pics Westla. Thanks!

So basically if you stretch from the base of the penis, you stretch the entire ligaments?

Is that correct?

Ok westla…. those pictures pretty much clear it up for me. I couldn’t find any of those online. I guess I definitely have thrombosis in several different veins or lymph vessels from hanging and pumping too much too soon. It’s been two weeks and one of them has gone away, but two large ones still remain and the one that was really throwing me for a loop runs from way up inside me (I can feel it all the way to my pelvis bone) out to about an inch onto my shaft feels like a tendon. It doesn’t hurt at all, but it is tight and feels just like a tendon. The other big one is getting smaller and it is on the right side near the top and doesn’t look like it is a vein as I can see the other veins clearly and this has no color and doesn’t meet up with any of the veins I can see.

That really clears it up for me though. I appreciate the cadaver photos.

Sorry to hear you believe you have thrombosed veins. They’re pretty unusual, having more than one would be extremely rare. If these things are not painful, red, or hot, they probably aren’t thrombosed veins.

Are you gaining? Do you have any erectile issues? If you’re gaining and your dick still works, why worry about these tendons, veins, or whatever?

Well, they did hurt when I first got them, but I believe they are thrombosed lymph vessels and were caused by a combination of things. I was gaining faster than anyone I have heard of (except Bib and Thunder maybe) I was hanging heavy and long, pumping, and using the ADS system all day and all night whenever I wasn’t doing one of the other methods. But one day I decided to clamp becuase I found it harder and harder to get an erection to put on my hanging sleeve (I do vacuum hanging) and I don’t want to watch porno…so I thought, Hey I’ll just clamp it and then it will be good. Well it worked, but the next day I noticed these guitar like strings on both sides of my penis and on the top, the left side has gone away, the right side is shrinking and the top (well that one is so long - the others were like rice pellets or a couple of them end to end - this one is like a 3” long chord that runs all the way to my pelvis and an inch or so out onto my shaft…).

So I figured I better wait before starting anything again. It’s been two weeks and I understand it can take up to two months for this to resolve.

Clamping and hanging at the same time, regardless of the hanger used, probably isn’t the best way to do it as you found out. Clamping sessions should only be about 10 minutes long. It’s likely that hanging sessions are longer and is the reason you can get into trouble if you’re clamped at the same time.

I didn’t keep the clamp on, I just used it to keep an erection while I was applying the tape needed to protect from blisters while vacuum hanging.

Sorry ThunderSS…. my mistake.

Thunder…do you still do PE?

Skeptical…Why do you clamp to tape? I find that interesting since I do the exact opposite. I want to be flaccid when I tape, and I want it to be nice and tight. This taping thing is still a new idea and we are all doing it differently I guess. I still remains to be seen which way is the best way.

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