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Penis Tendons


Originally Posted by dlm4
Thunder…do you still do PE?

Skeptical…Why do you clamp to tape? I find that interesting since I do the exact opposite. I want to be flaccid when I tape, and I want it to be nice and tight. This taping thing is still a new idea and we are all doing it differently I guess. I still remains to be seen which way is the best way.

Uhhhhmmmm, I never really thought about it… feel sort of stupid now…. I must have had some logic when I did it…

No dude don’t feel stupid. Like I said, the taping thing is still pretty new and were all still learning what the best way to do it is. I was just wondering if you had a good reason for it. Hell you may even be on to something! Lol! How long have you been vac hanging? Have you ever had a blister?

I am not currently hanging as I have some thrombosed lymph vessels that I’m waiting to heal… But I was haning for a few weeks. I got blisteres initially, one that popped and bled… but I hung through it anyway… I eliminated blisters by taping with athletic foam under-wrap and then a few pieces of athletic tape. The foam also doesn’t stick so no need to use that paper tape that does stick, no need for vaseline over your pee hole…etc.. foam and athletic tape is fast and easy.


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