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I use a ghetto weight hanging device: Hemp Rope, cloth, and weights…

i wrap cloth around my cock, and loop the hemp up on it and put weights on the end…

i just started, i used 5lb…laughed
then 10lb…getting into it
20lb…i like this

my problem is, after 10minutes of hanging, my dickhead seems to have a bump on it, the skin is all pressed as if you fell asleep on a blanket and you have the pattern indented on your face…it all goes back to normal..but is this bad…and can i amputee my cock from excessive hanging?

Sounds like a great way to do permanent damage.

There are designs for safe hangers in the Tom Hubbard link and the PE FAQ link at the bottom of this page. I would suggest you do a little research before using something attached to your dick and a 20 pound weight.

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i have been getting some good stretches, i just wasnt pushing the blood out of the head, so i dont get swollen tip anymore…

i get good stretches, i get btc!

You’re gonna get a big dick that can’t feel anything if you keep it up. You really should listen to thunder.

lol you guys here are real creative i suggest you take the good advice so you dont damage your penis you want kids dont you ?

For a more defined reason these guys are telling you not to hang the way you are, is: You have delicate nerve bundles that run directly under the glands (Head). You need a hanger that will take these nerves into consideration and displace the weight away from these nerves. I recommend getting a few dollars together , minimal dollars and build a bib type hanger. Or better yet buy a bib and hang so comfortably you cant imagine.

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