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Ouch ouch! Vein or something

Ouch ouch! Vein or something

I haven’t posted in ages as I only post for much needed advice. Well 3 days ago after having sex with my girl friend I noticed a sharp pain where my suspensatory ligs meet the base of my penis. The only thing is I KNOW its not my ligs giving me the pain. The ligs are bigger/tougher than this. I will try my best to describe it.

It is directly in the middle of the base of my penis. It runs about 1/4in up my pubic hairs and if I “dig” my finger to grab it, it runs down about a 1/4in towards the other end (my glans) Also I can pinch it with my thumb and index finger. While running up the length of this I can feel a “ball” of tissue that is painful along with the rest of the stringy tendon/vein.

At full erection any pressure downward causes sharp shooting pain. Also any squeeze at the base causes pain. When I grab the string I can’t see any color indicating a vein, purple or blue. Also the string seems deeper so maybe it is a vein that is buried under my skin.

I haven’t done any PE in months, no pumping, jelqing, stretching..just sex.

It’s been a few days and the pain is still very much was a 9 now its an 8. I tried to have sex tonight and it was painful. I’m very stubbon when it comes to refusing sex but I did tonight after already sticking it in! LOL

What do you guys think is going on??

No haven’t seen a doc yet but it is still sore. If I can get over the following convo..receptionist: “what do you need to see the doc for?” Me: “oh my dick has a popped vein…etc..

But if it doesn’t improve I’m gonna have to do it.


I think what you have is a swollen lymph. I have the same problem that I am dealing with right now. The best advice that I can give you is to take some time off and massage it. According to some of the reading that I have been doing about cleansing lymph vessels, you need to massage in one direction only. down the shaft towards the base. Do not apply a lot of pressure, just bearly enough to indent the skin. Search the web for lymph drainage and read up on it. The ball you are feeling is probably waste build up and will require massaging to get rid of it. Also there is a thread here in the injury area called hard veiny/lymphy thing. I have a link on there to a site that explains this on a short note. Good luck to you and I can confirm that this massage thing works because mine were swollen up near my glands pretty bad and nothing I did would help until I read about this and followed what it said.

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