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A newbie question on hanging

I have seen pitcures and read threads but i cant seem to find this: can someone tell me what type of weights are to be used with a BiB hanger or a Cptns Wrench??? I havent seen the posts that show the actual weights and where to get them?? 5lb 7.5lb 10lb and soo on.. thanks again guys


Any type of weight is fine for hanging - everything from weight plates (the kind found in a gym) to a jug of water has been used.
Personally, I prefer the weight plate approach because it offers a very accurate method of measuring the force I am using - add a pound, remove a pound. You get the idea.

Check out this thread for a number of simple ideas on how to employ weights in your hanging routine:

Basic Weight Plate Post

Here is an image of a typical assortment of weights. Purchase them at any Sports Authority or other sports supply type joint. You only need 25lbs at most - so don’t go crazy, unless you expect to run for Governor of California someday:

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You can buy weight plates at WalMart. I use the 2.5 lbs. Plates and use the Golf Weights for small increases. Just use a small rope to hold them together.

cool thanks guys, i was thinking that there was a special type like fishing weights or something to that affect.

thanks again…

Good for you keep up the good work.

This hanging stuff seems like it works!

Congratulations on crossing the 7” barrier SNM. Keep up the good work~ Nem

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