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Numbness from hanging

Numbness from hanging

Has anyone ever experienced this right after hanging? I just got done hanging 3 sets of 20 min with 15lbs. I haven’t done 3 sets in awhile, but had some extra time today. The last set I felt something like a lig pop. Actually I’m not sure if it was because I never had one. But now after 10 minutes it feels a little numb. Can you do nerve damage while hanging?

Not that I am a hanging guru or even a journeyman, but how long have you been hanging? If you started that is a shit load of weight. Way too much. Yes you can go numb, but it is only temporariry at best.

Lig pops are nothing to be worried about. But maybe you just overdid it either duration wise or poundage wise. Wait till an expert hanger chimes in.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Be careful!
Start with an amount of weight which feels good.

I experience numbness especially from helqing too hard. But from hanging, why shouldnt numbness be possible?

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