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Night hanger

Night hanger

Perhaps someone may care:

There is a metal toroid used to hold the weights on a bar bell, etc. A screw is screwed in through its side to prevent the weight from sliding off (as the toroid is also slid on the rod as the weights are). If you were to take that toroid, you might find it useful in conjunction with with an Ace bandage or sock. The weight seems too minimal to require that it be taken off throughout the night.


This sounds fairly dangerous. If this apparatus cuts off circulation during the night then you might kill of a lot of cells.

Sounds like an interesting concept as a grip for and ADS device though.

How do you find the pressure is distributed and what is circulation like once attached?

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When using the sock, I fold it in half and have the two end go through the hole in it. This leaves the heal of the sock for the penis to go through. Hence, the pressure distribution is very wide. I suggest it for night use because, after using it for hours, my penis seems to be in the same shape (circulation wise) as it would be if I didn’t have it on. There are no visual signs that you had worn it. Taking it off is also quick. Perhaps 5 sec.s.

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