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New to hanging need advice please.

New to hanging need advice please.

I purchased a vachanger from auto extender and started hanging I started with 3lbs. My problem is I used the protective sleave ( to help stop fluid build up) but when I was done with my 30 minutes it looks like the pressure made the protective sleave start to slip off and it looks like a have a blister on the tip of my penis. Will this go away? And what can I do to prevent this?

Thanks, Spider

Hello. It also happened to me once. With my vacu-hanger. I used the sleeve and it slipped exactly like you described.

What I did : I made a pause and didn’t touch it. Usually, in other places, I use to break blisters. But I let this one alone. Don’t break it. You don’t want it to infect.

I’m not very comfortable with the constriction sleeve, so I don’t use it anymore. I do prefer a little fluid buildup in the glans than a blister.

So,to sum up. Don’t break your blister. The water under the skin is here to help healing.

If it has broken, apply regularly some antibiotic cream, and try to keep the place clean and dry.

I hope it will heal quickly. Mine was 0.5 cm in diameter, at the very tip, and it healed within 10 days. Hope you don’t see your girlfriend or have a date before it heals.

05/2006 : 15cm BPEL X 12,5cm EG => 11/2006 : 17.5 cm BPEL X 13.5 cm EG => 5/2007 : 18 cm BPEL X 13.5 cm. 2 years later : shrank a bit : 17cm BPEL 01/2011

Really satisfied with my gains, but a little more flaccid would be nice. Would like to be a shower ;)

And most important : Girlfriend satisfied for about 3 years :)

Thanks,for your advise

Do you still have the blister? Normally my ones go away after 10-15 minutes. I’ve found that apply a small bit of pressure actually makes it go even faster, so you may want to try gently pushing on the blister with a finger for a couple minutes.

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