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New Hanger

New Hanger

Ive been doing Pe for a few months now, and not seen any real gains in length but i think my girth has improved slightly, im thinking about hanging because most people seem to get bigger gains from it.
If i hang will it improve my girth aswell as hopefully length, im gonna try making a CaptinsWrench has anyone had success with hanging with this or should i try another method. Would be greatfull for you advice


Hi Riviera, the Captn’s Wench is a great choice for hanging, it’s cheap and has had a lot of great feedback. And yes, hanging will help increase base girth. Just remember, everything with PE takes time, even hanging. But if you do it safely and stick with it, I’m sure you’ll achieve the gains you seek.

Riveria, ditto what the Steviemeister said. The wench is a wonderful, inexpensive way to get into hanging. Just remember there is a learning curve with hanging, post any problems you have so you can get it sorted out without hurting yourself. Live by Hanging 101 in the beginning. I like hanging, as it frees my hands up for other things. Plus, to me it just seems logical that hanging weights off my penis for extended periods is going to produce better results than pulling on it for less time. Just be careful and go slowly. Good luck!

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