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My quest to better wrap


Yes, I do get some fluid buld up in the foreskin after hangin, but it is only on the exposed area (not the part that is covered by the wrap and hanger). It usually goes away after about 2 - 3 hours. I also get a fluid build up in my foreskin after jelqing, but more evenly distributed.

Laughing while hanging??? That’s easy! Try sneezing! No seriously, I have allergies with hay fever and sometimes when I sneeze while hanging I worry that I’m gonna rip my dick off! I’ts a scary feeling. I can do PC’s when I hang but to me it feels uncomfortable.

Goodwood :chuckle:

Is it possible to get a Thombozied Vein from hanging with the Bib Hanger? If so what misuse would let it occur, like to much weight? What preventive steps would disallow this undesirablr occurance? Thanks in Advance! TT

I am buying a baby sock or two tonight and see how that will work. In reference to the wrapping with my Bib Hanger!

Guys i need help

My problem is, My head sometimes gets dole at about my forth set my foreskin rides up to my head which leads to lots! of fluid build up and I get plenty of discoloration!

In the past I wraped by putting my strip of cloth (I use 1 big wide peice) right under the glans then spiraled over that with therma band, The problems I had with that was the wrap whould slide over my head and cause discoloration, and fluid build up.

Now I wrap this way I pull my penis out with one hand then wrap with my cloth one inch under the head then go over it with therma.

For the first few days this worked GREAT! but now it sucks ass bad.

When i wrap this way now The foreskin pushes alittle over my head which is leading to more foreskin which I Do not want at all

from wraping this way i have more than i ever wanted now, The other problems are dolness, fluid build up in tip of the head and in foreskin. (today was the worst fluid build up ever)

When I wrap It takes me about 3-5 min cause i try to make it perfect ever time. I also take my wrap off after ever set and then redo the wrap for the next set, In the past I have found that leaveing your first wrap on though all sets the wrap tends to get fucked up. Well thats my horrible wrap story I have been going though this for the past 3 months and finally decided to ask for help.





I am not the one to give advice, but here is my observation. I might not add anything new but since nobody replied…..

I have being “TRYING” to PE for the past 3 months. I am interested in hanging ‘cause is supposed to give length. I made my own AFB hanger. It worked great with light weights, but when I reached 8 lbs, it was a whole different story- not a good one. The first problem was wrapping. I am uncut, and I assume you are two. I tried to follow Bib’s drawings only to fail miserably. So I wrap with the skin covering the head and hang. I don’t know if I am stretching the ligs or the skin. When I retract the skin and wrap, I get fluid build up just from wrapping. The first layer has to be really tight and stay in place to avoid riding over the head and to cause the head to swell. If there is no swelling in the head, the hanger starts slipping causing discolorations all over. It’s similar to bruising the skin or other parts of your body by friction with a foreign object.

I noticed no matter how good you wrap, if the hanger starts slipping, there WILL be discolorations on the skin. NO EXCEPTIONS.

As for fluid build up, I have come to accept it as a “by-product” of hanging. As long as it does not hurt, I am OK with it. As I said, I get fluid build up from wrapping before hanging. In addition, fluid build up limits the total time of hanging. With 8 lbs I’ve never reached fatigue state. I don’t think I am getting any benefits from hanging now. My solution for this will be to increment the weight in an accelerated fashion. After all fatigue is what is desired. I know so many will say length of time is more important.
I also noticed if I wrap with the foreskin covering the head, I get less fluid build up. Therefore, I do the first session of hanging with the skin covering, and the last two with retracted skin. Between each session I do a lot stretching and squeezing of the head. It has to regain its normal color before I wrap and hang again.

Finally as a note on your post, try wrapping first with the Thermaband- or if it hurts to remove use a swimcap wrap (it still hurts). Use a small piece to form a ring around the shaft behind the head. It sticks to the skin and prevents it from riding up. Follow that by a spiraling cotton wrap. Let most of the cotton wrap go behind the ring. The ring should be covered with some layers of cotton, but not as much as the other exposed parts and finally, a layer of Thermaband. I believe it will greatly reduce discolorations but not fluid build up. I hope this works.
btw aren’t you using a Bib hanger? How much weight are you hanging?


It’s nice to see someone tryed to help me thanks.
Ok first off my foreskin is cut - that’s why I said I’m getting too much foreskin.

Yesterday when I hung I used 15 lbs. with my bib starter, I tried these different wraps:

One long piece of sweat pant about 1.5 wide and 15 in. long; I started the wrap right behind the head then wraped down about 4 in. then covered that with the same size therma band. Of course It didn’t work very well - it slipped over my head causing all the pressure of the blood to go right to the tip!(I sqeeze the blood out of my head if there’s too much before tighting the bib).

So after my set was done I had a bruise on the tip of my head, and the part of the foreskin unwraped that was riding right up and a little over the head was also bruised.

For my next set I used One big wide peice of cloth like the one I used before but bigger; wraped with the 15 in. long therma and had all the same problems. Well I don’t think I need to tell you the rest of my wraps they all were about the same. I just tightened up the wrap each time and they all still failed.

Today my head LOOKS HORRIBLE! The tip is all bruised up and even the foreskin that had the most pressure, I’m guessing, looks bad. It’s red with those little red dots you get from a good jelq & sqeeze workout. I had to skip more pump and uli last night for fear of what the pump would do to the bruise. Oh yeah I used the 15 lbs. for all four sets.


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The links Thunder gave are really good.

One other thing to try is this:

One of those guys mentioned using two pieces of Theraband. Consider wrapping the first one as he did, but on the second one, start at the base and wrap outward and slightly over your head.

I think doing it this way somewhat minimizes the tendency of the Theraband to fold over on itself as it slides toward the head. In my case, when it folds, the shaft skin folds with it and is pinched inside the fold, causing serious pain and black spots.



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Sounds like you are not tightening the hanger enough, or do not have it far enough back from the glans.

Why exactly are you worried about too much skin? Do you not plan on growing into it? In order to make gains, the skin MUST be stretched first. It would be rather difficult to grow the amount of inner penis you want, and then grow the skin to fit it. It works exactly the opposite.



Thunder I am cut thanks for the links though, I don’t think their style of wraping would help me. May give it a try if I have to though.

Tex3 I am not having trouble with the therma folding over, I think that the cloth kind of keeps it from folding up. Although I have had trouble with that in the past.

Bib I tightin that sucker up as much as I can! after I get done wraping and have attached some lower weight to get warmed up with I can tightin it even more. I think thats how alot of guys do it.
I know about needing more skin to grow but my skin was grown alot! Maybe its from pumping?



Today I only got in 2 -20 min. sets because all these problems I’m having are pissing me off very badly!

The wrap that seems to work the best is the one where you get a smaller piece of therma and wrap it 1 in. under the head then go over that with a large piece of cloth, then with a piece of therma thats 18x2 which is spiraled over the rest of the cloth.

All of that is tightened down as hard as I can get it. And it works well with 15 lbs. for the first 10 min. then that stupid ass skin rides up on the head! Which makes the wrap move up also which puts way too much pressure on my head! and gives my head that expanded look that it gets when too much pressure is put on it!

And also the skin that rides over turns all red (I think I have said this before).

Guys I would really like it if you would work with me and get me though this problem! I feel that hanging is the BEST! way for me to reach my length goals.

As of right now it seems that I won’t even be able to hang any more which really sucks because in a few more months I would have been able to put in about 2 hours a day :(


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Re: Guys

Originally posted by Jelq4Life
Thunder I am cut thanks for the links though… I know about needing more skin to grow but my skin was grown alot! Maybe its from pumping?

AHA! You are cut, but you pump, therefore you have loose, expanded skin, mostly in the circumcision scar area, and wrapping it is like trying to wrap Jello, and the hanger doesn’t grip on the goodies under the skin without a lot of pain? And toeing out just forces more fluid toward the head as the skin slides?

If this is true, we are a LOT alike, and whatever works for one of us ought to work for the other. We’ve just got to find it. :(



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Well guys, the idea is to hang comfortably, so maybe drop down in weight until you get the wrapping down pat. If you can hang 10 lbs with no discomfort and no wrap problems (and therefore, more sets and less chance of injury), stay at 10 until you have more experience with what works for you in wrapping and then move up in weight. Maybe give your wrapping skills a chance to catch up a little.

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Yeah, that’s kind of been at the back of my mind - longer sessions, might as well do more of them. But if I stay below 15#, I can use the Grip, so WTF. :monty:



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

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