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My quest to better wrap


I’m new to hanging also and am uncut-see members pics. I found the best way to wrap for me was to streach the penis and start with a 1 inch jersey wrap twice around the penis about 1 inch behind the glans. I then spiral to the base about 3 in total pulling the skin toward the base while wraping the jersey is then touching the support lig’s and excess skin is pulled toward balls. Then I wrap a piece of cool can cover(foam rubber to keep cans cold) around for non slip and padding. I’m at 12.5 lb and can feel the stretch. Hope this helps

In answer to number 4

Here there is no real conflicting theories. According to medical infomation restricting the bloodflow or oxygen to the cells for longer than 20 mins will lead to the beginning of permenant cell damage. Obviously we are not speaking about the brain or other vital organs, however I consider my penis vital. Perhaps you can (and will on some ocassions when sidetracked) go over 20 mins and all will be OK, maybe 30-45 mins at a time.

But this is not recommendable. And certainly not on an ongoing basis. If you have 1 hour to hang, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, take off the hanger every 20 mins, let the blood flow for a couple of mins, and put it back on again. No big deal. Even if all feels good.

We know smoking causes cancer. Nobody dies from smoking - they die of cancer. In PE the goal is a bigger, HEALTHY penis. Even if you can hang 1 hour, every day , without breaks, and all seems OK, the long term effects would be my concern.



I was confused by the numbers to hang: 10 min, 20 min, and 30 min. Tom’s site recommends 10 on, 10 off. In this forum some say 20 on, 5(or 10) off. And some hang for more. But after reading yours, 20 min will be my limit. It happens that I also do consider my penis to be a very vital organ. Thanks for your input.


Thanks for your prompt reply. You seem to be in a better shape when it comes to wrapping than me. I guess from your reply that you are following BIB’s drawings. My problem with BIB’s way is that if you push the skin down, when done wrapping, the wrap will come off; i.e. the foreskin will go back to its place pushing the wrap out. So do you push the skin down before wrapping? or you push both skin and glans?

I tried to check your pics. I was interested in the one where you have your hanger on. Just to see how you wrapped (is the foreskin covering the head or not). But the pic is not clear. Thanks again.


Very interesting looking hanger. I do not fully understand what you made it from, but I am familiar with the AFB design and concept.

<1- How do you wrap? Do you retract the foreskin or leave it covering the glans?>
My wrap is based upon the wrapping thread at the top of the hangers forum. Prior to applying the wrap I do pull back the foreskin to expose the glans and at the same time I stretch out my penis. With the other hand I begin wrapping with the light sweat shirt material. One strip approximately 3” x 9”. This gives me about 2 complete wraps around my penis. When the sweatshirt material is applied I keep it just above the rim of the glans for protection and try to wrap it snug. While holding this in place with the same hand you are extending your penis with begin wrapping with the thera / cut swim cap material. (I use a 2” x 14” piece of swim cap). Start about 1” below the head. Wrap snug getting tighter as you spiral towards the base. Towards the end of the final wrap I can feel a tight grabbing sensation inside my shaft. Then apply the hanger. After applying the hanger I wait for a few minutes before applying weight. This accomplishes 2 things. 1) allows the head to swell up and gives a better “wall” of resistance for the hanger. 2) I get boner issues after I wrap sometimes, the extra time allows it to subside.

<2- Have you experienced any discolorations on the foreskin? any idea how to avoid it?>
Yes, I do suffer from that. I think it was mostly due to poor wrapping techniques in the beginning. My discoloration is primarily on the skin just below the level of the rim of my glans. What I have found is that I have been able to reduce it by making sure I apply the hanger at the bottom of the elastic wrap. This leaves approximately 1+” of cushion above to absorb the pressure. I think the discoloration is primarily from where the skin pinches and is put under extreme pressure. I have also found that when I took a week off of hanging and did just jelqing exercises I was able to reduce the discoloration significantly. For more info about that look under a thread by Bib labeled “wrapping to remove discoloration” (I think).

<3- Is this hanger no good?(since the sides are not solid rectangles, maybe is exerting more pressure on the glans)>
I’m not too sure. I personally did not have much success with the AFB. I use a modified Bib. I have had to make about 10 different changes that customized it to my liking. If you are crafty look at the “Homebrew Bib” thread stared by ‘tryn’ in the main member section. He created a Bib knockoff that has promise. I am going to make one my self! Once I got my wrapping technique down pat I experienced a much more comfortable hang.

<4- Can I hang for more than 20 minutes? Yes/NO (there are so many conflicting theories here)>
I hang for approximately 20 minute sessions. It depends though, I try to monitor my penis for the duration of the hang. If I’m too cold or getting numb I stop immediately.

There is really no clear path that you should follow. It has to be more of a customized plan that works best for you. I would recommend that you educate yourself as much as possible with the resources of the forum. If something isn’t working then do something different, but always listen to your body. That is how you safely determine your limits. There are always better ways to accomplish your goals. This is a long journey, no pun intended. I hope that this is helpful.

Good luck

Goodwood :chuckle:


Also take into account that Tom would intelligently say 10 mins for a reason. Even if 30 is relatively safe, he doesn’t want legal probs. So he goes with ten. And same with the time off. Maybe ten is a lot but better safe than sorry.

Remember, if you have the hanger extremely tight, even 5 mins could cause damage. And gains come with total hang time, not length of individual hanging sessions.



I don’t wanna sound dumber than what I actually am, but exposing the glans, stretching, and wrapping does not work for me. I guess I am missing something. I will find a way to wrap though.

As for AFB it’s made from a “Pant/Skirt Hanger”. I spotted them at a 1-dollar store when I was looking for a wooden ruler. (Local Wally did not have the kind of ruler Tom used in his AFB3 design; neither did 1-dollar store) The hangers are sold in sets of 2. To transform one into AFB, you need boiling water and a knife. First, dislodge the “deformed S-hook”. Dip the side in water for few seconds, then cut. Repeat… I tried twisting the metal frame where the S-hook is attached to leave the hanger as one piece. The whole frame got twisted. So I got rid of it and used the two sides.

I hope this cleared things and thanks.


This was my 4 or 5 times I hang (different days). The first time I tested with 3 lbs. It was comfortable so I moved to 8 lbs (I was still in testing). And what can I say. I felt that Mr. Johnson is going to fall to the ground with the hanger and weights. I struggled to hang for 10 mins. The pull was strong pull and uncomfortable. I thought that I certainly did some damage after removing hanger and wrap. But I was wrong. Amazingly the first two times I did not find any discolorations! When I continued my quest, I started noticing discolorations. I stop hanging not because I am tired, but because of appearance of discoloration marks.

I don’t think the hanger is tight. I need to find my way to wrap.


The foreskin is pulled toward the base of penis. I start by pulling skin tight wrap about 1inch behind glans twice around my dick, then I continue wrapping toward base while keeping skin tight toward base. after about 4 inches covered I wrap with foam cool can wrap so as to give extra padding and non slip. attach the hanger and pull the glans forward toward weight while tightning. The skin doesn’t ride over the glans. Tighten the hanger until you feel pressure on the internal structure so the weight pulls dick and not skin. Good Luck

5lbs is a big jump

As you will need to adjust wrapping, positioning etc, it is best to increase weight in low increments at a time, allowing for you to make necessary adjustments. The idea is to reach Max weight ASAP but it must be comfortable. Take your time to work up to your weight.



If you are in need of rulers / wood for the AFB I found a good alternate. Go to Home Depot or Lowes, they give away paint stirring sticks which are the same size as a ruler.

Goodwood :chuckle:

Holy doodads! 5 lb increase is insane. Keep it to 2.5 increase. I am now doing a 1.25 lb increase as I get higher and higher.

Hey, do you still feel your glans when you squeeze it? Be thankful that you can!


It happens to be that I am ½ sane. The insane part is keeping the sane alive. What’s life worth without insanity?
Anyhow I still can feel the glans. The jump of 5lb is due to the fact that I am wrapping with the foreskin covering the glans. So the skin is handling some weight, if not to say all. I re-iterate: the last time was so comfortable even though I got some marks on the skin. I may be hanging the wrong way and I may never get the benefit of hanging, but…

My question: is there any one who hangs with the foreskin covering the glans?


My point was that I was not looking for the hanger. It is just an idea that popped up in my head when I say the hangers.
Btw don’t you have to buy paint to get the sticks? I can find use for the sticks, but now I have to think what to do with paint.

Thanks all.


Just ask for the paint stirring sticks, no paint purchase necessary.

As for the foreskin over the glans while hanging. When I hang the foreskin ride over my glans, but not completely. There usually is the tip of the glans exposed. I wouldn’t worry so much about the skin over the glans as I would about getting a good wrap on and a quality hanging session. To me that is where the gains come from. You could hang the same number of hours as the next guy but if your not getting a quality hang / stretch, you’re cheating yourself of gains and time.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Goodwood :chuckle:

Re: Sirken

Originally posted by goodwood
As for the foreskin over the glans while hanging. When I hang the foreskin ride over my glans, but not completely.

So, you put the wrap on over your foreskin, i.e. you don’t retract your foreskin before you wrap?



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Hey Tex

<< So, you put the wrap on over your foreskin, i.e. you don’t retract your foreskin before you wrap? >>

Yes and no. I do retract my foreskin but not to the point that it is taunt. Just to a point where the head is exposed. This is done at the same time as I am pulling out my dick prior to wrapping. When I wrap, I wrap pretty close to the base. That creates a good “cushion” of skin between the wrap and head to hang with. Unfortunately this leads to some discoloration on the foreskin. I wish I could control that better.

Goodwood :chuckle:


I still wrap with the foreskin covering the head and hang 8lb. I found a way to avoid marks on my skin by wrapping a piece of plastic from a water bottle between the shirt wrap and swimcap wrap. The plastic circles the shaft, and I think, distributes the pressure.

Tonight was my first hanging session since I got my marks (earlier this week). The first 2-3 mins of hanging were tough; then the pull becomes comfortable.

I followed your instructions on wrapping:
“1) allows the head to swell up and gives a better “wall” of resistance for the hanger.“

I needed more resistance since the plastic does not wrap tightly; the head got swollen as if in a jelqing session. Removed hanger and wraps after 20 mins and checked for marks, there was none. I noticed slight swelling of the foreskin (not head). I retracted slightly the foreskin and wrapped, and attached. After less than 7 mins the foreskin got swollen bad (I wish my dick was instead). It does not hurt but look bad. It will go away in a couple of hours. Sometimes the foreskin got swollen after jelqing session. Needless to say this was a stop signal.

>>>>>Have you had a problem (foreskin swelling) like this?(As I mentioned It sometimes happens after jelqing)
>>>>>Can you PC (or laugh) while hanging?



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