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Minumum 10 hours a week??


I am only stretching about 8.6 hours average a week sometimes a tad more if I get time Sunday to stretch. I use the Bib starter I tried doing the 10 hour a week and my penis would turtle and I had no night/morning wood. At the current 8 or so hours weekly I have great erections and night/morning wood too. I also am gaining faster with less hours everyone is different I do not think everyone should follow or attempt 10+ hours for me it was a negative impact. This was tried after hanging/stretching for over 3 months I did 10-12 hours for only 2 weeks and went back down to around 8. So far 1.125” gain in 4 months.

I would probably put the minimum at between 5 and 6 hours a week, I know I did not usually spend more time hanging then 6 hours a week. I would take off every other day and sometimes the weekend with good results, the rest days are very advantageous to the growth process, IMO. It is consistancy and knowing your weight thresholds that matter. Once you dial that in the hammer will grow.

Well I guess 7-8 hours minumum would do the job. I am hanging 1 hour every day (15x4 - all week without off days) and it seems to work quite well. I am gaining with that routine for now.

May be Bib had the vets in his mind when he meant minumum 10 hours.

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I believe the key is consistency. I believe, if I read correctly, that Bib gained a full 2” in the first four months and the rest of his gains came over a year or so.. So it seems reasonable to believe that if you do it consistently, you will get the same results, just may take longer if your sessions or hours per day are less.

I can only fit in about 4 - 20 minutes sessions per day myself and I’m seeing gains as well.

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I believe, if I read correctly, that Bib gained a full 2” in the first four months



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