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Measuring top and bottom gaps

Measuring top and bottom gaps

Loosely quoting the product guide for the Bib hanger:

The top gap should be equal to, or slightly less than the bottom gap.

This I am fine with, you want to get the best grip you can on the CCs, and that is the way to do it.

My question is, how do you measure the top gap?

Is it the distance between the teeth? Between the rubber moulding?

Eyeball it I guess. How about using wingnut revolutions left until the teeth lock tight?

So basically you´re saying make my own system?

I just do it by sight and feel, and it´s an ok system, but I wanted to see if there was an official word on it.

I was trying to think of an easy and consistent way we could compare our top gaps.

Ideally, you want to adjust the bottom so the top teeth are very close to locking up when the hanger is completely tightened. Here I mean locked as in can’t be made any tighter because the teeth are pressing hard against each other. You want it just short of that.

We usually tighten in stages, so there needs to be a little tightening room left in case you need an extra bit of a turn during a set. Plus, the exact girth changes a little from set to set and day to day, so you also need to allow a little wiggle room for that too.

I’d guess when fully tightened (tight as you intend to make it) something like 2 full wingnut revolutions away from locking the teeth completely up would be about right. That gives you a little leeway.

This is a 3-D perception thing. After the hanger is on, the only thing you can see to judge the gaps is the amount of meshing of the top teeth.

So, I always think of it from the standpoint of looking from the back of the hanger, down through the shaft well. You can see the hard plastic within the soft plastic on the top and bottom teeth. You can also see whether you have the A in the shaft well. As SS4 so aptly put it, you want a /O\ instead of a \O/. After you see the correct shape of the shaft well, you can look at the upper gap from the top, the amount of teeth meshing, and do the fine adjustment of the bottom hex nuts.


Both fine explanations, thanks!

Based on the above ideas my settings are fine.

It´s never too late to discover something new with the Bib, however. :)

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