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Measuring with a curved penis

Measuring with a curved penis

I have a curved penis of couse the ladies love it but its hard to get it straight out to measure it. Should I just keep trying to do that or just go along the side and measure it that way since that would say how long it is but not being parallel to the ground. I was just wondering how I would go along with this. Usually when I try to measure parallel of course its difficult and I cant get it straight out and its usually 1/4 inch shorter than taking a tape and going along the side of it from the bottom to the top with the curve. Any information about this I would be greatly appreciated.

J dog

I think it’s a personal preference thing, which probably doesn’t help much. I personally use a ruler and just measure it without pressing it hard against my cock to straighten out. So, I lose about 0.25”, but I always feel like I’m cheating if I straighten it out. Most people would say that I’m probably being stupid because I’m stealing myself some length.

However, the important thing with measuring is to be consistent in the manner by which you measure. Decide now whether you prefer straightening it or not, and stick with that method. Then you can be sure when you’ve gained.


Mine has a slight upward curve. I straighten it along the ruler when measuring. I’ve always measured that way, or with a tape measure along the curve.

I have a pretty radical downward curve. I only take FBPSL readings seriously. It is virtually impossible to obtain a “real” reading with my configuration.

Use the flaccid stretch to track progress.

When I read the subject line of this post I thought you were gonna tell us how you could measure footbals, bowls, and other curved objects with your dick. I thought I was gonna learn something new to do with Mr. Willy. But alas.

I have an upward curve. I straighten it for measuring. The difference is about a quarter inch too.

Hi malinakjason, I had made a similar posting some times back mybe you would like to check it out here.

How to best measure a curved dick?


You must always remain patient as growth comes with time

You might try and experiment with a tailor’s measuring tape (you know, the cloth-like ones) and measure along the curve. All that really matters, though, is that you’re consistent with your measuring technique. Maybe even think about taking a picture with a common household product (like a toilet paper cardboard tube) and use that as a reference as you continue your journey through PE.

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