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Manual lig stretch

Manual lig stretch

Has anyone tried stretching the suspensatory ligament “web” by additional manual manipulation WHILE HANGING? I often pull in on it from the side while hanging, in effect exerting a fulcrum pressure. Sometimes I reach under the edge of the web, between the ligs and the penis shaft and lift outward on the lig bundle. Moving the pressure point up and down, from the connection at the penis shaft out to the web anchors on the pelvis targets different areas of the lig bundle. It’s helped me get fatigued when nothing else did.

Sounds like a great idea.

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It is a great idea. I put extra pressure there all the time either with my hand or my rice sock. Lig fatigue is almost certain without any extra pressure on the head or rest of the penis. I’ll hit one lig for around 5 minutes and when I can’t take anymore, switch to the other side.

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