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LOT, tunica, ligs, and gains.

LOT, tunica, ligs, and gains.

Hey guys, I’ve done some searching and learned many great things about lig v. tunica stretching in regards t one’s LOT. I just wanna ask/clarify a few things.

1. My loss of tugback is about at 7:30. What do you suggest my main focus be on, ligs or tunica? If both, then what’s a good starting routine and is it impossible to isolate one and not also hit the other to a lesser degree?

2. Based on my LOT, what’s an ideal angle to hang at for tunica work, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00?

3. For those with a similar LOT, 7-8 o’clock, did the gains come faster from tunica angle hanging or lig?

4. I know it depends a great deal on the LOT, but does one typically grow faster than the other (lig v. tunica)?

Thanks in advance guys!! I ordered my cable clamps from the internet already, can’t wait to start hangin’!! :)


LOT 101 will answer these questions.

Search LOT, author Bib.

Quick start:
1) Seesaw BTC/SD/SO, and feel where the best stretch is.
2) SO-OTS.
3) Ligs.
4) When new to hanging/stretching, you may be lucky to realise easy initial gains from ligs. The first limiting factors are probably weaker than your tunica.

Are you making a wench, or what’s the plan with the cable clamps?


I believe there is a lot of misinformation about LOT. You can search for the word “LOT” under my username and find lots of reasons not to put any stock in LOT Theory.

Remember this: all gains are shaft gains. Stretching your ligs will not in itself make your shaft any longer. There is really no such thing as “lig gains.”

Guys can gain from stretching in all directions. Stretching up is best for targetting the full length of the shaft. Stretching down is easier, however, and lots of guys get good results doing that.

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This place is getting slower than I remembered it. Wanted to see how long until LOT shows up on your radar :D

On a more sincere note,

My intention was to be LOT specific only as far as my own experience, and in accordance with the questions posted. But I will admit it would have been more appropriate with respect to your work, to actually highlight both approaches rather than just post the general Ref link with a mention of LOT 101, albeit the LOT threads and Simulator are found there. I will be doing so the next time. Duly making a note here that Testing LOT Theory is found at the top of the Similar Threads list below.

“Lig gains”, a bit of a misnomer - which I don’t use - to describe that I’ve realised my BPEL gains from stretching both ligs and shaft, so far with BTC-SO angle hanging.


Thanks for replies :)

Yeah I’m making a captn’ wrench. Picking up parts today after work. Ordered the cable clamps from the internet. Modesto, you bring up some interesting points about ligs. Since tunica stretching is really what causes shaft gains, does this have any advantages over lig stretching? Does stretching the ligs really hurt your erection angle? If so, then this is discouraging, since Modesto you brought up some good points (in other threads) about the upward tug of the ligs being there for a good reason: G-spot stimulation.

Turn-Key clamps work even better than cable clamps with the Wench, since they are continuously adjustable. Try the search button.

One small point about your post: I didn’t quite say that “tunica” stretching is what causes shaft gains. I believe that the tunica is an important part of the shaft, but it’s not the only structure that matters. It’s also important to stretch the contents of the tunica—i.e., the CCs. I think that jelqing really helps to build the CCs.

Based on what I know, I think stretching up has a lot more promise than stretching down, since upward stretching subjects the entire shaft (inside and out) to tension. That said, very few people report significant gains from upward stretching. Perhaps it’s just that hanging at high angles is harder to do than hanging at low angles, so few guys try it for long. I don’t know.

Plenty of guys claim to have gained from hanging at low angles (targeting the ligs). My personal experience with lig stretching is that it loosened my ligs (and lowered my erection angle) but did not increase the length of my penis.

I’ve had my best results hanging SO with MODERATE weight and combining my hanging regimen with jelqing. Actually, what I do is hang to increase BPFSL, and then jelq after a few weeks of hanging to build CC volume enough so that the EL catches up with FSL. Then I take a break and start again.

My personal experience with downward hanging is that it does lower erection angle. However, this change does not happen overnight. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry that one morning you’ll wake up and your erection will be pointing to the floor. If you decide to hang down, you can always switch to upward angles if it starts to look like your erection angle is flagging.

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Good advice, thanks. Yeah it seems like gains would come quicker from downward (lig), based on other peoples experiences and my own. I am about 6.5” EL now I think, goal 8x6, so it’s good to know that if erection angle starts to droop at all in the 7” range, I can pick it up with some SO or even upward stretches + jelqs. I already intended to jelq as part of my PE routine, I think it should part of any general penile health routine, like kegels.

I’m not sure that you can ever really raise your erection angle through PE. It’s may be possible, but I don’t recall anyone ever doing it. It is especially hard to raise this angle after you’ve grown, since the greater weight of the penis naturally tends to pull the it down.

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