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Are length gains a result of stretching the ligs or the tunica?

Are length gains a result of stretching the ligs or the tunica?

I was thinking about this the other day. It seemed to me that length gains would come from a combination of lig and tunica stretching. However, I have seem some say that they believe length comes almost exclusively from stretching the ligs. What do all of you guys think? Cheers.

Hey man,

I stretched my ligs by hanging, and several other types of stretching for a while. I didn’t get a single gain until I did OTS (over the shoulders) hanging. When I do OTS I can really feel the stretch in my internal penis. I believe you need a combination of the two to get any results at all.

Mostly I try to stretch my ligs. Then, I try to stretch my tunica and the connection of my internal penis by hanging OTS, or straight up about half as much as straight down.

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