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Interesting post, Modesto:
My BTB area certainly seems lesser in diameter than the extant base. If it does taper inside the BTB confinement, then it should be EASY to pull out, since one cannot grip a tapering shape and hold onto it—neither should the body be able to hold onto it. I agree that OTS hanging should be effective. What is nuts in my case is that my penis tapers toward the head. If I do pull out smaller diameter inner penis, I’ll have a canoe taper—widest in the middle.

Hey Swing,

I think there’s a piece missing in how you’re seeing this. The crura actually insert like tendons into the pelvic bones (ischiopubic rami). The body doesn’t need to “hold onto” a tapering shape; the crura insert into bone.

This leads to a depressing possible answer to the question of whether this narrowing we see on the MRI is actually weaker or stronger than other parts of the CCs or crura. If the narrowings have a density of collagen fibers similar to an achilles tendon, then we’re all f*cked and it’s back to the drawing board.

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